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Are MINI SKIRTS Appropriate To Be Worn To Offices?

You go to some offices these days and you find out that there is a paradigm shift in what we used to know about ‘Official Dressing’. What we have today is totally different from what I used to know as a child, when office workers usually went to work dressed all covered up, now it seems okay to show a bit of flesh by wearing Mini Skirts.

I am particularly shifting my focus today on ‘Mini Skirts’ as ladies now go to work wearing all sorts of these hot skirts, and exercising some kind of ‘dress freedom’ in office environments. And my question arises: ‘Is It Right For Organisations To Allow Ladies Wear Mini Skirts To Work?’

Mini skirts

Some people think that:

“The constitution gives right to life and personal liberty. According to which you can wear whatever you want. It’s hardly inappropriate to make exclusion to mini skirts.

Everyone has a right to choose their own clothing. If it doesn’t show any sexual parts then yeah they should be able to wear them, even if they are kinda challenging to some guys. Ladies should never be forced to wear a particular kind of cloth because that is taking away their freedom.

If you don’t mind being stared at, gossiped about, or possible be sexually assaulted, then go ahead. But if you do care, then obviously you wouldn’t wear one in the first place. We can’t just force people on what to do. Let them do whatever they want. They’ll just have to face the consequences later.

In a very professional environment, I don’t think people working in the office are there to wear mini skirts and flaunt their body, they are there to work. On the contrary, your freedom for what you wear should not be limited because men can’t focus on their work. Women often are given more rules because they can show more but I believe if guidelines are set and followed there is no need to ban any specific articles of clothing.”

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Others also believe that:

“There is a time and a place for everything. For example: wearing neon pink to a funeral is not prohibited, but it can irritate a lot of people.

It’s a big turn on for some people and at offices, you have to be professional. If you are in a office and a woman is wearing skirts, I think that is a big distraction for men. Therefore it will be hard for them to concentrate and could affect productivity.

Wearing mini skirts is not appropriate for business. The business is seeking to present an image of its company to it’s customers, and if the customers are persuaded to buy or not buy a good or service because of the suggestibility of an employee’s clothing, that transaction is 1. Coerced and 2. Unethical.

Workplaces are supposed to be as conservative as possible and to prevent unethical behaviour. Also, a company is represented by its employees. And a company who supports liberal garb is going to be seen as liberal, and a big risk.”

Amirah Farag says ‘if you’d wear it to the beach, don’t even think about wearing it to the office’

So….what’s your opinion?

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