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Baby Mama is the new business for Nigerian Ladies?

Trust me, I tried hard not to write this article…not to say anything about Baby Mamas because I know most of you will immediately link it to that young chap who has been crying foul about how one older woman tricked him into bed, took out his rod and dipped it into her red sea till it brought forth a beautiful fish he doesn’t wanna share with her.  If you like, start connecting the dots, you are on your own. That’s not exactly where I am going, my basic qualm today is why many ladies of today are being called ‘Baby Mama’

First things first, who or what is a BABY MAMA?

Very simple; a MAMA that gives birth to a BABY. Isn’t it? But then, it would mean all mothers are baby mamas. Rara ooo…there has to be something about it beyond just being the mother of a baby. Maybe we should ask the fathers.

It’s becoming a trend among male celebrities, and we have to nip it in the bud as soon as possible, before every woman becomes nothing more than a baby machine to these guys. I will try not to mention any names.

Typically, we like to learn and borrow a lot from our counterparts from the west. It begun with a certain rich sportsman who got married very early; but after some years, things went awry with his wife and he lost virtually half his fortune to this woman. Another rich sportsman, many rich and influential people, as well as celebrities from different parts of the world fell victim of the same fate. And within a twinkle, divorce had become the order of the day! Why? Because it involved a lot of fortune, most of the time.

Come to Naija, divorce o jawo rara! (Divorce is not lucrative). But it’s only a matter of time before women in Nigeria get wise and start collecting pension after every divorce. Trust Naija men…always ahead…they saw it coming, so they cooked up a masterstroke…BABY MAMA!

Shebi you want to come and born for them? So that you can be wifed…and typical of celeb marriages, it will crash as usual, then you will start asking for half of the fortune you did not work for? Hell NO!

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Insurance is the best policy…and baby mama is the insurance policy.

You may sneak into his life and get pregnant for him, no problem. He will accept responsibility (after DNA of course) and accept you as the MAMA of the BABY…it never goes beyond that. YOU ARE NOT HIS WIFE!!! And what’s more, he is ready to keep you that way for life, if possible.

But who’s winning and losing?

The baby mama is well compensated (as evident in the recent story we read) and made comfortable. The monthly upkeep alone is almost a triple of what a hardworking professional earns in a month. But that’s not hard for the super star to pay, as long as the money keeps coming in. No matter what he spends, it can’t be equaled with what he stands to lose if the baby mama turns to wife, and she decides to get a divorce.

The super star has fame, money, and a baby, but he has to fend for his baby mama for as long as possible. The baby mama on the other hand has a baby for a super star, monthly upkeep for just being a mother, but will never be recognized as a wife.

Many ladies don’t mind…afterall money comes first.

It’s why many celebrities live without restraint, and the baby mamas are increasing daily.

One last thought: If male celebs are going for baby mamas, won’t the over-aged female celebs catch the bug too and start scouting for baby PAPAs? #JustSaying


Please don’t take it personal…we are just taking these issues on a LIGHTER NOTE.
Catchya next time.

My name is SILICON

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  1. Heheh…seems like a lucrative business you know… Seriously considering a change of career 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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