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Life issues every woman struggles with

life issues

While it might be hard to work out just what women want, we’re pretty sure most women know what they don’t like and most of things we experience on a daily basis. Sure, some of ...

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I didn’t like Ibadan but I found love in the city


This one will surely make all my Ibadan folks giggle. In very recent times, the city of Ibadan has come under intense spotlight for jokes, memes and many other social media sports. It is then ...

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I broke up because I thought my GF was a witch

I broke up because I thought my GF was a witch

This story has already generated some level of controversy among my friends. But regardless of what people think, it’s important to remember that this is Africa, and we have heard worse things. This is why ...

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Romantic birthday gifts for your MAN

romantic birthday gifts for your man

Last time, we put the men in a tight corner by creating many options for them when selecting romantic birthday gifts for bae. This week, we are facing the women…squarely! Payback time ladies! Let’s explore ...

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Is it a DUTY or CHOICE for a wife to wash her husband’s clothes?

wash her husband's clothes

This is going to be really interesting, and I have Eketi Edima Ette to thank for raising this topic and gathering the hilarious yet enlightening comments. Our Opinion Poll category returns this week with a ...

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Communication in Relationships: when you should stop keeping silent

communication in relationships

This article ventures into an often overlooked issue about communication in relationships; the issue of keeping silent when you should be talking, trying to make peace reign and hoping things will naturally take shape. So ...

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Captain America was shot in what part of Lagos?

captain america

The movie – Captain America is probably already old by now but hey, that’s when I get to see my movies, when everyone else already saw it and moved on.  What’s special about Captain America? ...

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I almost lost a good man to my friends’ prejudice

lost a good man

Today’s story may not feature the kind of battle that the classical Romeo and Juliet had to battle to prove their love to each other, but be rest assured that only a few lovers would ...

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Reasons why BAD girls get BETTER husbands than GOOD girls

bad girls get better husbands

In today’s world, words and meanings have become arbitrary. Everyone seems to have their own meaning to certain words such as BAD and GOOD. For example, when a music artiste says he is ‘Falz the ...

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I was scared by his obsessive love, I had to break up to save my life

Obsessive Love

Can love be too much? Can care and attention be too much? The answer to question is relative and largely depending on who’s being asked. For the lady in our featured Break Up Story this ...

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