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OYA AWARDS set to hold Lagos down in 2016

oya awards 2016 nominations

Organizers of OYA Awards have announced the return of the event for another edition in November 2016. OYA AWARDS is an event which aims to recognize young people in various sectors of the economy who ...

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How we reach the peak of relationships at 26 years of age

friends peak of relationships

If you are under Twenty-Six years of age, this post is relevant to you. If you are currently Twenty-Six, great news, this is just your right moment because you may have attained your peak of ...

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The No.1 Reason You Can’t Let Go Of Your Partner’s Sexual History

Sexual History Retroactive Jealousy

We’ve all been there… You get yourself a new boy or girlfriend and after a few weeks start wondering about their sexual history. Or maybe you don’t, but either way you end up finding out ...

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What does FEMINISM mean to women and their marriage?

What feminism means to women

Feminism is a long-standing debate among people. While some think it is a fight for equality with men, others think it is against the order of nature. Personally, I have not arrived at a full ...

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A New Song by Debo Popoola

A new song

A NEW SONG A short story by Debo Popoola As Sola walked over the dilapidated pedestrian bridge in Oshodi, he saw— as he had always been seeing— homeless bodies that have made the bridge their ...

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I broke up because I thought she loved my money

she loved my money

Love and money, can one really separate them? To some, it is impossible, to others, it is very possible. Don’t ask what I think about it yet. I want you to read the Break Up ...

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5 crazy things people do in a relationship

crazy things people do in a relationship

For a couple of days now, I’ve been thinking to myself, and sometimes I think out loud too (yea..not only Ed-Sheeran “thinks out loud”) about some really crazy things people do in a relationship. Let ...

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My BF loves his ‘HOBBY’ than he loves me.


Back on this segment this week, and we are still in that season when we attend to the mails we have received from readers. We purposely brought this out because we realized most of us ...

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Sometimes you have to be ‘Picky’ to find love

Picky to find love

It isn’t every day that a story comes back full circle to spite its haters directly, but such is the case for the proudly picky Amanda Lauren, who, back in 2013, incurred wrath by admitting ...

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Easy steps to planning a wedding in 12 months or less

planning a wedding

One of the biggest dreams of  most people is getting married to that special person who gives them collywobbles. The joy and ecstasy that follows the much celebrated ‘proposal’ paparazzi is one that hardly ever ...

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