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COWRAGE: Episode 2

Juliet jumped out of the Benz before the driver even had time to park properly. She didn’t respond to the gateman’s sleep laden “welcome madam” and neither the house-maid nor her kids’ nanny got a ...

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COWRAGE : Episode 1.

It took every last ounce of his discipline to get out of bed, the others were still fast asleep. It was a cold morning and they’d all slept late, but he had a lot to ...

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Why you should date a short girl

date a short girl

Last week, the internet went agog with beautiful pre-wedding pictures of a very tall groom and a short bride. They looked perfect together in the picture, and a lot was said about them on different ...

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3 types of girls to date in 2018

girls to date

So far, 2018 has been described as a year to ‘Shoot your shot’, and there is a renewed enthusiasm everywhere for ladies (and guys) who are looking for love, or are finally ready to give ...

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He broke up with me several months before I found out!

He broke up with me several months before I found out.

How do you contain yourself when the one you think you are with suddenly tells you that they have broken up with you several months back; and that all you have been doing in that ...

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RUN NOW!! 10 signs that make you a potential victim of Domestic Abuse

victim of domestic abuse

Most people who end up as victims of domestic violence usually get the signs before it matures into something full blown, the issue is that a large percentage of them do not pay attention. Some ...

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My friends set up our first date, and it was our ticket to falling in love.

our first date was set up by my friends

Meeting my soulmate is something I will forever be grateful to my friends for; I regard it as one of the best fruits of our friendship, which I have enjoyed. Being a shy person, I ...

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How Rotimi’s Alcohol habits almost got me killed

alcohol habits

Whether you are trying to get into a relationship or already in one. There are certain things to pay attention to apart from the physical and psychological attributes of your (potential) lover. You also need ...

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The perks of dating a popular guy on social media. 

dating a popular guy

There are various social media sites but I am well acquainted with Facebook. As such, the perks of dating a popular guy in these sites would differ from environment to environment. There’s twitter, there’s Instagram, ...

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Sexting in a Relationship: What do you think about it?

sexting in relationships

I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline the other day and I stumbled upon a very interesting tweet which caught my attention. The tweet addressed the salient issue of communication between lovers and consequently, how ...

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