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What are the stupid reasons people get married?

stupid reasons people get married

On the vox-pop segment today, we are taking a look at different possible ‘stupid’ or unreasonable reasons people get married. We hope this will help a lot of people out there realize themselves and go ...

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20 Most Expensive Wristwatches In The World

Over time people with good fashion sense and taste consider wrist watch as important as any other important fashion accessories. There’s a popular saying “Time is money” but here I will prove to you that ...

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Warning signals of a relationship going really BAD

warning signals of a bad relationship

Not every relationship you see out there is healthy, quite a number of them have peculiar struggles and are just putting up a happy facade to create an illusion. If you have your relationship going ...

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Same Sex Marriage: Right or Wrong?

Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage

The topic of Same Sex Marriage has become a global debate between two factions; those who support gay rights and those who don’t. This article however attempts to project some arguments against Same Sex Marriage. ...

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How Breast Cancer broke my heart and brought me love

Breast Cancer

Sylvia Soo was in a relationship when the illness of  Breast Cancer struck. She had to learn how to heal not only her body, but her heart. Here is an account of her touching story ...

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I broke up because my BF was scared of testing for HIV

testing for HIV

I am sharing this story with Glowville because I want other ladies out there to learn and take heed. It is important to take certain steps before taking your relationship to the next level with ...

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The other side of a girl you don’t see

other side of a girl

Most guys want to have the best girl in the hood. There is usually a particular list that details their preference for who the ‘perfect girl’ should be, and every girl they meet has to ...

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21 Celebrity Wedding Gowns that will WOW you!

celebrity wedding gowns

It’s another Saturday, yaaaay! Several couples are getting married today across the world, and we share in their joy and happiness. Our focus for this article however will be on those of us who have ...

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20 Kitchen tips every wife should know

kitchen tips

Today, we are looking at quick kitchen tips that will make a wife stand out as she prepares sumptuous meals to the delight of her husband and children. These tips will go a long way ...

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How to help a friend heal from a heartbreak

How to help a friend heal from a hea

Healing the heartbroken is one of the most difficult thing to achieve, but it is not impossible. It takes you knowing the right things to do, right words to say and the right way to ...

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