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5 love scenarios you can only find in Africa Magic movies

Africa Magic Movies

I’m not a big fan of Africa magic movies, but I still find our Nollywood movies fascinating. From the several movies title to the several plots that are many times predictable. And each time I ...

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Wizkid is changing the Baby Mama game. Ladies beware!

wizkid baby mama saga

If there is anything we should all learn from this ongoing Wizkid baby mama Saga; it is the fact that the existing baby mama narrative is changing, and ladies especially, must listen. Please note that ...

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No jokes! You should have a bestie of the opposite sex.

bestie of the opposite sex

According to the dictionary, a best friend, commonly known as Bestie is that friend you are closest to, someone you know so well and regard with affection and trust. In recent times, the idea of ...

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10 reasons a man may not be sexually attracted to his wife anymore

not sexually attracted to wife in marriage glowville

My big brother, Tosin Ayo (T.A), sheds light on 10 reasons a man may not be sexually attracted to his wife anymore, after a while. I'd also be giving suggestions for possible solutions.

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Elsie Godwin set to host September Edition of Digital Media Talk

Digital Media Talk with Elsie Godwin

The witty versatile Media Personality and Blogger, Elsie Godwin is set to host MeetsMedia’ Digital Media Talk which is scheduled for September 27th, 2018. After the launch of her book titled Oya Start Blogging, a ...

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Save for vacation in 6 months with these easy steps.

Save for vacation

Everyone deserves a vacation, but not everyone gets it. That’s because most people do not know how to save for vacation. A lot of us give up on the thought of going on vacations because ...

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Habits of a dysfunctional relationship

habits of dysfunctional relationships

I’ve been in dysfunctional relationships and I’ve been in functional ones. Right now I am in an incredibly functioning, loving, happy relationship (gloat, gloat, gloat), which means with hindsight, all the things that make a ...

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6 Red Flags That Show Your Relationship Might End Anytime Soon

relationship red flag / glowville blog

This post about relationship red flags too dangerous to ignore was originally written by my friend, Fisayo Adedayo, popularly known as ‘Ogbeni La’. In this article, he explores different experiences to spot six major signs ...

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This is why taken ladies get wanton attraction from guys

Why do taken ladies attract guys

Almost every girl gets this experience; you are single and willing to mingle, but not much is happening around you in terms of dating. The guys you want and really like are not forthcoming, most ...

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LIFELINE – A story of friendship

Lifeline - A story of friendship

LIFELINE A doctor always came from the city. Same man, unchanging attitude, he always arrived the same way- an old jalopy would appear from afar and crawl towards their huts, after jerking to a stop ...

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