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10 Kinds of Love We Have Seen In Big Brother Naija 2018

Big Brother Naija

The excitement of popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija is still in the air, and fans still have over 50+ days to watch one person cart away the treasure chest of 45million! The show ...

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Imagine getting a Valentine’s Day card that reads “Happy Valentine’s Day!” (on the front) and “What are you afraid of?” (on the inside). Yes, I know. That is single-handedly the worst and scariest Valentine’s Day ...

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COWRAGE: Episode 15

Gbade wasn’t sure he heard Deji right the first time, but he knew Deji was capable of doing just about anything. The last thing he wanted was to create attention by doing anything rash, “I ...

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Supporting your man is not an option, it should be a habit!

supporting your man

Does supporting your man require any contemplation or it should come naturally to you? We are about to find out! It’s a good thing to be in relationship. There is a feeling that comes with ...

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We all desire great achievements, we all want to be happy. But we easily get frustrated when our dreams seem to be taking too long to come into reality. Sometimes, we tend to abandon such ...

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COWRAGE: Episode 14

“He ended the call” Juliet looked aghast, with the phone still pressed tightly to her left ear. “He didn’t even say a word, Pat what’s happening to my husband?” Patience who sat with her at ...

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COWRAGE: Episode 13

Tunji endured every moment of the half hour he spent in J-boy’s room. The smell of blood mixed with marijuana and alcohol filled the whole air in the room. Peter, their scapegoat was bundled up ...

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COWRAGE: Episode 12

The entire bus burst into laughter at another of the driver’s jokes. As the bus approached the stop, the passengers all forgot about their problems for a split second and just enjoyed the moment; everyone, ...

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COWRAGE: Episode 11

Tunji was out of Moremi Hall in no time, his feet travelled at a ‘neck breaking’ speed and to no particular distance. He just wanted a quiet place where he can digest the content of ...

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5 Struggles You’d Understand As A Black Woman Dating A White Man

Black Woman Dating A White Man

Due to the many free black dating sites available on the Internet, a black woman dating a white man became not only possible but more common. Gone are the days that Black women were treated ...

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