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Ways to attract that cute and awesome guy of your dreams

Two weeks ago, I did an article about what guys who think they aren’t so cute can do to attract a beautiful girl and date her. The article received a lot of acclaim among readers, and the female folks among them have asked that I do an article that teaches ladies the ways to attract a cute guy. This is me fulfilling that promise I made to them.

So this is essentially for the ladies. I like to think every lady wants to be with a cute guy (at least in her own eyes), especially that awesome guy that ticks all the boxes. To attract a cute guy, there are certain things that are beyond beauty which is quite important that you possess.

Let’s face the fact, beauty has a way of making some ladies escape scrutiny. Some guys do not really care about anything else, once you are beautiful, everything is sorted! But then, such guys are as ephemeral as they come. And you remember what they say about like attracting like?

This article is for all the ladies who do not think they have a lot of beauty to throw around or those who have it, but are choosing not to bank on it to attract a cute guy.

Please note that it’s Tuesday, and this article is under our #HumourTuesday segment. So, I advise you read with an open mind. You may not agree with everything I’m about to write; it’s just meant to be a lighthearted article.

Now, that we are clear, shall we begin?

Here are ten things you can do to attract a cute guy, if you are not beautiful or choosing not to bank on beauty.


1. Have asset(s), or enlarge what you have.

Men can go to any length for assets. I repeat, they can do and undo for assets. Whether it is the front asset or the rear asset, they are ready to climb mountains and swim seven rivers to get to you. My dear, if you already have assets, it means you got what it takes to attract a cute guy o. If you don’t have, my sister, go and enlarge it. Whether by hook or crook, enlarge it. You don’t have to go under the knife (surgery), there are makeshift enlargements everywhere in the market. Just make sure you do it the right way and you will have your man drooling and calling you endlessly. This one sef get side effect sha. When guy man realize say na enlargement, his love can disappear. But at least, you can be proud of your effort to get his attention. That one sef na achievement.

2. Be successful – independent woman something.

Success is sexy! Regardless of what some broke guys tell you. When you are successful, people will come to you from far and near. Everyone will want to have a piece of you. Yes, you will intimidate some people away, but that’s a natural filter for those you don’t need in your life; the toxic ones – especially the ones I mentioned in the first point. You want a cute, awesome rich guy? You gotta be successful yourself. With your success speaking for you, a lot of cute guys will submit their CVs just to be your chauffeur. I don’t want to mention a particular couple, but they are perfect examples for this. The wife has a Make-up empire, and her hubby is a handsome motivational speaker. When you see them, you will have to agree that the man did not care about his wife’s beauty before he chose to marry her. He saw success in her, and that was more than enough to walk down the aisle. Look at a lot of other successful female celebrities out there and the kind of guys that drool after them. You have your answer. Go and be successful.

3. Dress well. Your fashion game gotta be top notch.

See ehn, you can’t be dressing like tetracycline capsule and expect a cute guy to look your way. You go jonze! Dress well, look good, and that cute guy will have a reason to compliment you. And you know, when he starts sending compliments your way, and you grab it with a smile, you open up a chance for other convos to follow. Who knows? He might just catch feelings. Viola! You have your guy. Don’t underestimate the power of dressing well. Change your wardrobe if you have to, or combine well.

4. Smell good – bad odour can affect your destiny!

My sister, bath well. Twice a day, maybe. Brush your teeth too, twice a day. Kill any form of offensive odour in your body. As long as you want to attract a cute guy that’s not smelling, you have to take off every form of odour from you too. Wear nice perfumes, it can sell you before you even utter a word. It is for your own good o. I have heard of a couple who got attracted to each other by the smell of a particular cologne. Your story can be same. Don’t let your village people use bad odour to pursue fine boy from you. Good odour can help you attract a cute guy.

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5. Be courteous, be well behaved. 

This doesn’t require too much talk. No man, whether ugly or cute, wants to deal with a mad, disrespectful and impolite person. I’m not asking you to be acting like ‘dodoyo‘, I’m just saying you should be approachable, and well behaved. Not just because you want to attract a cute guy, but it has bigger implications for you. Take this one seriously.

6. Be a good cook.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It is true o; for a lot of men out there. If your kitchen stunts get out there, I can assure you that your stock will rise. A lot of men love to come home to good meals. So, even if you no fine, but you sabi cook, your own don beta ooo. If your kitchen skill is not sharp, you may start working on it. Please I am not talking to ndi-feminists here ooo. Marriage is not for cooking – If you are one of those who care less about cooking for your man, please jump and pass this one and move to the next one. Thank you.

7. Have sense. Show maturity.

Men love to see intelligence in their women, especially men with good education and a sense of value for the woman. If that is the kind of man you are looking for, you have to display intelligence. It’s also imperative that you show your maturity to handle issues. An equally mature man will spot you out and everything else won’t matter to him. If you no get sense ehn, e go hard to attract a cute guy o, especially the one wey get sense too.

8. How about your makeup game?

Chai. Was I about to forget this one? Lailai. Just like love covers a multitude of sins, makeup covers a multitude of ugliness. If you know how to apply makeup the right way, you are going to find it easy to turn heads anywhere you go. People who are already fine use makeup, so you don’t have excuse not to use. Don’t let anyone shame you, makeup is good o. Na you sabi wetin you dey find. Use that makeup dearie. But don’t overuse it o. Too much of it can make you start looking like overdone shawarma. The perfect balance is all you need, and you will attract a cute guy. This one get side effect, but it will take a guy who sees your face without make up to know your dark secrets.

9. Your Juju must be on fleek.

Truth is, some guys will never look your way if beauty is not there. For some of these guys ehn, the first thing they need to even want to talk to you is not how smart you are. It’s not in the way you dress and not in the amount you have in your bank account. What they want is beauty. But if you don’t have beauty, you may just have to go ‘supernatural’ to buy beauty o. The only downside to this be say e no dey too last. So, this may just be a short term solution for you. Enjoy while it lasts sha.

10. Be prayerful, nothing is too much for God

This one is another spiritual something…if your mind no carry juju, just switch to the spirituality that your mind can carry. “With God, nothing is impossible” – I’m sure you are familiar with that line. The ball is in your court. You have to find God and let him know you want a cute guy. Get on your knees, pray without ceasing, fast until you lose weight. If this one too hard for you, maybe you should start attending all the churches around till you find God, and he brings a fine man your way. I should actually give you suggestions of churches were you can find God and find cute guys, but no church has paid me for free advert yet. so, I will just let you find them yourself.


That’s it ladies. Did I miss something? Please remind me in the comments section. Let’s rub minds and help more ladies find cute guys.


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