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Asking a guy out: good or bad move?

Today’s opinion poll shifts its searchlight on women and the idea of asking a guy out. Yes, we are in a new dispensation and a lot of ideas are being rejigged, people are getting to ask and answer more questions, the status-quo of a lot of things are changing by the day, and the dynamics of human relationships are re-evolving too; but opinion is still divided on the thought of a lady walking up to a guy and declaring her love.


Asking a guy out is a mortifying thought for some ladies (and guys), and a daring step of boldness for others. Chukwuba Chiluba raised this question via her Facebook page, and we were able to gather some insight from respondents to the post.

This is surely going to be an interesting one.

So, it happened that Chiluba posted thus:

How do you feel when a lady asks you out?

What would be your response if she wants you to date her ….

Have you ever asked a man out?
Would you /have you ever asked a guy out?
How did you do it


Here is how people responded to the post.

Jimmy Abia – “Interestingly, most men would actually like it or not mind so long as she’s someone he also likes.”

Queeneth JohnI asked a guy out by letting know I liked him in 2013… Because he has sense he came after me and we are stronger over 3 years now. Ask a guy you really like out before someone smarter than you gives him green light, some good guys are shy. If you can’t, at least give him a nice body language and he’ll come if the feeling has become mutual.”

Adaku. V. Okafor“Oh I have. Wasn’t that hard. I asked him out but he was honest enough to tell me he was dating and I respected that. We’re better off friends now.”

Omotoyosi Ogunbanwo “The highest I’ve done I think is tell him I have a crush on him. Lol”

Nnanna Oketa“For men, the trill is in the chase. A green light is enough. Then let him do the toasting!”

Olumide Lawrence“When a lady asks me out, I tend to like it, and I feel special. But somehow, it just never works out.”

Oni Victor“If she’s someone I like, I’ll play it off and restart with my own toasting. If she’s someone I don’t like I’ll still play it off as a joke but I’ll try to make a her know my stand in the most Harmless way possible. Cos I know it takes a lot of courage for a girl to do that. I’ve had the experience, we usually end up as good friends. Girls like that are very strong minded and straightforward in their attitude to life sha.”

Micheal JesusCares“I respect women with such courage and dislike woman that will come around pretending and acting like they came with an innocent mind. Nothing special about a mature girl expressing herself to a GOOD man, not just any man”

Charles Dennis“It’s always a bold step and an honour. I wouldn’t want to hurt her, even if I’m a in relationship already. However, I’d reveal my relationship status to her timely, to avoid hurting her.
It will interest you to know that my first girlfriend practically asked me out. I have never forgotten the feelings of her touch and kiss when I was about leaving.
I don’t really wanna be detailed about scenario. But it was a beautiful and an unforgettable experience and memory.
My respect for her has never withered, even though we came to crossroads before her marriage some years ago.”

Omoze Edadagbon“I only show signs that I like him and if he is not responding, I check into the rehab to forget about him. However, I will continue being his friend, no hard feelings”

Ibrahim Muhammad“Shakara, ego forming and or whatever name you give it is very essential to a lady. Men are so funny that if you have the guts to unveil your attraction to them they may tend to think you are cheap. Though we have individual difference but I won’t wish my daughter to experience the ridicule of approaching a man only for him to see her cheap.”

Dotun Fadairo“I think it’s one of the most beautiful things when a lady asks a guy out. Especially ladies here where asking a guy out is mistaken as the girl being desperate or cheap. I think its great as it shows that girl knows what she wants and isnt afraid to vocalize it”

Nkiruka Charity “Oh I was dating my boyfriend for just a year and the next year I proposed to him and now we are happily married. Best of friends for life. So it’s absolutely nothing.”

Darren Idongesit“The first move is not to dehumanize her; let her know it’s normal for a girl to ask someone out. Make moves to protect her dignity and privacy by reassuring that any issue would remain confidential.
Don’t assume you are entitled to sex and it’s the responsibility of the man to understand that asking someone out is not inviting them to have sex.
I love and respect women who break out from societal moulds.”

Margaret Izoraline“Asking a guy out is not the problem for me, I tend to lose interest after that ,I won’t want to hurt someone else feelings, I can’t ask a guy out”

Fidelis Orji“Have had a lot of them and still have but haven’t dated any of them, we just end up with this heart connection but no strings attached for me, don’t know for them.
And somehow I kind of like it when a girl does that, I love the courage.”


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That’s it guys, you have read from different views and opinion about asking a guy out…do you mind sharing yours?


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