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“How Arranged Meeting Worked For Me In Finding Love”

Some will get married after finding each other, others will get married via a third-party arranged meeting. Either way, what really matters is that you find love and can sustain it. Here is another beautiful story from #Ourlovestory series from Amanda Chisom’s Facebook wall. Please read and enjoy. 

I met hubby through his sis-inlaw, she was my mother’s friend. Although, I didn’t like connection marriages but the guys I thought I liked had one issue or the other.

We first saw at a mutual friend’s birthday party. He told my mother’s friend that he liked and would love to know me better. Somehow, they discussed all of that behind me and soon enough, a meeting was arranged between us.

When we finally met, I didn’t like him at all. He dressed funny and was too quiet for my liking. We didn’t even exchange numbers because I said a capital NO to him on the spot. I wanted a “happening bobo” and didn’t connect with his style. I was buoyed by the fact that there was another guy – a lawyer – who was on my case, even though he wasn’t as serious as I would have loved.

Fast forward to 4 months later, my mum was talking to me one day and she said, “give that guy a chance, at least as friends“. I told her I had forgotten about him and that I actually expected he would have found someone else, but I still asked her to call her friend (his sis-inlaw) to find out.

Interestingly, my mum did a good job of it and they visited the next month. This time, he wasn’t the same person I met the first time. Everything had changed about him. His dressing had taken a dramatic turn for the better, I had to pinch myself to be sure I was not dreaming. We finally exchanged numbers, and even though I tried to play the usual shakara game with him, I eagerly waited for his call.

Dude didn’t call till 4 days later. That month he asked me to tell him everything about my past. Hmmmmn see me on hot seat, I wan pee for pant….confession things. Well I told him all, na him sabi. To my surprise, he took it calmly and said “its OK, don’t do them again. Now that I know them, throw away the burdens”…..yeeee!!! Mogbe, just like that?

We became good friends, no marriage talk, nothing. I am a very funny person, and we connected on that level because he equally had a rich sense of humour. He made me laugh a lot. One day he was just making me laugh so hard then he made a comment saying “Since you love to laugh, live with me and laugh all your days”. That was the proposal. Of course, I screamed a loud Yes!!!

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I am grateful I listened to mum. He loves me even more than himself, overlooks most of my mistakes, and correct me with love. I am stubborn too, I can run mouth for Africa, but he just stays quiet and observes me closely. He has never shouted at me. He gives me so much freedom. He’ll be like “babe how many guys don chyke you for the past one month, you no dey give me headsup again o” lol.

On one of those days, I took him along to see a chyker, lol, he stood aside while chyker was yarning gas about me kissing him and coming to his house. Other times, He will always say “baby dress to kill jare” in his bid to encourage me to always look good. I found total freedom to be myself around him without fear of being judged or doing too much. I am glad to know he loves me and truly cares.

To cut the long story short, We recently got married traditionally and I have never regret the decision.

I will use this opportunity to say “Good men still exist out there”.

– Sender pleads anonymity 

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