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When are you truly READY for marriage?

Here comes the  big question I want every youth to consider: At What Point Are You Truly Ready For Marriage?

That you are thirty doesn’t mean you are ready for marriage. It takes more than age to be married.
Many rush into marriage without preparing themselves to be married. A Twenty years old could be ready and better prepared for marriage than a Forty years old.
Man or woman, you must prepare to be married. You must accept the fact that it stops being about ‘ME’; it becomes about ‘US’ the very moment you sign the dotted line. If you are not ready to drop the ‘I’ for ‘We’, you are not ready to be married. If you love partying, you may end up with someone who hates to party. If you love to eat noodles, you may find yourself in marriage with someone who likes nothing else but rice. It takes the understanding that it’s no longer about you to reach a compromise and keep it balanced.
Again, if you don’t know what sacrificial giving is, you won’t make a good spouse. The word ‘I love you’ is used more in our generation but there is less understanding of what true love is. Yes, you don’t lose your individuality in marriage, but the fact remains that certain parts of that individuality must be lost for you to be happily married. Can you stand with that person when life hits hard on him or her? Can that person rely on you to face the world? When every other person abandons your spouse, will you stand with and for him or her without trying to take advantage of the situation? When that woman/man gets bedridden, will you still love her/him and be faithful?
Yes, the society expects us to get married at a certain age. I am for a woman or man being married at a young age and if God permits, have his or her babies early enough. Genuine companionship is one of the most beautiful things marriage gives. But are we going to just jump into it without being prepared for it? The answer is no. Instead of spending time looking for the perfect guy or girl, spend more time making yourself the perfect one.
Instead of you spending time jumping from one prayer house to the other seeking help to be married and allowing some con men eat from your ignorance, you should spend time developing yourself. Instead of dreaming and looking for those beautiful Vera Wang bridal dresses and trying hard to have a destination wedding, spend more time on building yourself to have a good marriage.
When you have developed yourself till you are fit to accommodate another person into your life, you are ready for marriage.
In addition to this, my good friend, Marshall Onoriode had this to say about this topic:
“Whether you get married at 25 or 35 marriage and life will always never be easy. At least many recent society marriages have demonstrated that even at 30+ with all the carefulness and time taken to pick a partner you can still make the wrongest choice; I don’t need to name names.

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The best age to get married is when you’re really ready for marriage, this may be at 23 or 40. And again it’s not about having but about the will to provide; making your dependant’s or partner’s security, happiness and comfort a priority. Trying to try, going the extra mile.

Truth is the resources to take care of a family will never come once, you cannot save it somewhere. You cannot have all your family would need for a lifetime at once. It is in stages, needs and priorities change with time and circumstances.

Our prayer is to be with someone who’d find contentment in little without losing the zeal to be greater and better. Someone who’d want to see us grow as much as we want for ourselves.

Nothing beats a partner that loves and is committed to your growth. Behind every successful person is probably a great fan and supporter.

That said fact remains that to love you need to care, to care you need to have some tangible and intangible resources, to get the tangible ones you’d need to up your game. The general well-being of your partner or dependants should motivate you to push harder and make better life changing decisions and actions.

If and when you find that someone that’s worth keeping, don’t take them for granted; not everyone is replaceable. You’ll never find the right one, you’ll never find a good one. You’ll never be prepared for it, it’s growth it will be new you have to grow in and into it. You’ll only find someone whose flaws you can put up with.

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