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How this Yoruba Demon left me for his ex

Are we back to these Yoruba Demons again? Just when we thought the Igbos had taken over. Well our Featured Break Up Story this week reminds us yet again about what some Yoruba guys can do. Regardless, this particular story may not be exclusive to a Yoruba Demon, it could as well be played out by anyone from any tribe. Look at it from a general angle, take the lessons and leave a comment for the brave person who sent us the story.

Here is the story of a Yoruba Demon who played the heart of two ladies with the same name…and is still not willing to give up yet! Please note that we have changed the names of the characters in this story.

So I met this guy at my new job. The classic handsome, charming Yoruba Demon. He had good charisma, and I was attracted from the onset. We began talking, and I found out we had much in common. We exchanged details quickly because he wasn’t based in Lagos then. He was working in the company’s branch in Benin.

During the holidays, he came around and we hung out a lot. He began to show interest in me but I wasn’t keen. I felt he possibly couldn’t be attracted to me(pimpled face, almost introverted me). I pleaded with him to let me be because I had found out from my last two relationships that I do not know how to live half way; it’s either all of me or none at all.

He had just gotten out of a previous relationship, and the story was that she caught him cheating. (He had a birthday, she (his ex) refused to come down to Benin except by air which he couldn’t afford at that time.
And he got another girl to spend d day with him.)

He had proposed to his ex but they broke up despite everyone’s effort to avoid it. All this had been for over a year before I met ‘Deyemi.

‘Deyemi didn’t let me be. And after some months, I agreed to date him since I was attracted to him. I got so used to him, that the fact it was a long distance relationship didn’t matter. We always found time to hang out whenever he came to Lagos,  which he did often. I practically fell in love with him.

We talked about everything and anything. He deleted his proposal pics and all pics that had to do with his ex from his Instagram page,  when I complained about them.

My headaches began when I wanted to go to Benin to spend time with him. My parents kicked against it because they hadn’t met him. I did try all I could to make them realize that I couldn’t bring every guy I dated him to them and they give me time to know this guy more. They agreed only on the condition that they speak with him on phone. They couldn’t release me to travel 5hours to see someone they don’t know. What if something happened to me,  who do they ask? They said.

 I told ‘Deyemi, and he refused, said he wasn’t ready to get parents involved. I pleaded and even assured him that my parents wouldn’t have his number, they would speak directly with him from my phone. Despite the fact that my sister knew him already, he still refused. I already knew something wasn’t right, but still made excuses for him until it happened a second time.

I began noticing that I almost wouldn’t be able to reach him during holidays. He would then call on the first/next resumption day,  and plead with me, saying all sorts. Like ‘he went to visit a military friend of his, and there was no network, bla bla’. He didn’t call on my birthday and we had not even been dating for a year.

Number of calls he received from other girls increased. He would disconnect calls with me without warning to receive other calls. I was really worried.

He was in Lagos one week for a meeting at the office. I offered to pick him up to the office from the hotel they were all lodged, but we couldn’t conclude conversation the previous day cos he stopped replying. When I got to the hotel (there’s a way attendant behave that could tell you a lot if you’re observant), one of them said he had gone out. I wondered, how it could be possible at 7am, knowing he had no ride. I insisted that his room be contacted and he was around.

On getting to the room, I noticed the bed didn’t look like it was slept in by one person. I know he doesn’t thrash about the bed, because I had spent a couple of nights with him. I saw to used glasses, two servings of food, and other tidbits. He was detached from me, but I said nothing. He then gave me a story of his brother coming to visit him and how his stay extended. I didn’t believe one bit, my heart just couldn’t accept it.

On visiting him another day in the morning, I met a lady with him; she had spent the night. He saw her off and when he returned, I asked who she was. He said she was his ex. Earlier while he did the introductions, I was Peju, his colleague. His ex’s name was Peju too!

Felt like I had been ripped apart, but I kept a blank face. I had an 8am meeting with a sales presentation to make, I could not concentrate.

After my presentation, we got talking. Peju, his ex had called him the previous day that she wanted to see him. She wanted them to get back together. She said that she missed him and that she wasn’t feeling the relationship she was in.

When I asked what he wanted to do about it, He said “nothing” and the foolish me believed him. I had hopes of redirecting the conversation another day with more time, as I didn’t want us talking about it over the phone. I wish I had sorted it all out there and then, because what happened the next time I saw him would mark the end of whatever I had with him.

She sent him a gift, customized, well packaged and delivered with a personal note. In his words ‘she only knew how to blow away his heart’ – and he said this to her right in my presence! This time, I was introduced as his colleague again, but with an unmentionable name.

He claimed his parents insisted that they both get back together. We didn’t talk much because he tried to postpone the discussion as he was up for promotion and had an interview the following day. I left and told him to let me be, I needed no further explanations after what I had seen.

He failed his interview (I was secretly glad about that), he got transferred to Lagos (painful because I get to see him more), and he didn’t get the promotion.

I cried, first time ever over a guy. I was listless for a couple of weeks.

My present dilemma…

He is back, claiming he still loves me, although he his still with the other Lady. Perfect Yoruba Demon, isn’t he?

What do you think Peju should do with ‘Deyemi? Does he match your perfect description of a Yoruba Demon? Let us know in the comments section.

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