Yoruba Demon Breakup

An epic Yoruba Demon Breakup Story

An Epic Yoruba Demon Breakup Story.

Steve knew he had to end the relationship before things get to an irredeemable stage. He was not ready for marriage, but Lara was born ready and only waiting for the word go.

Their relationship started like a joke. He enjoyed her company. She gave him her body whenever he asked, thinking that was all that mattered to keep him.

He also took care of her as a means of compensating her for the time she spent with him. Steve did all of these, despite knowing from day one that he was not going to end up with her; she was not his spec. It didn’t matter that he was sleeping with her, he could not picture spending the rest of his life with her.

Lara happened to be a fragile soul, hence Steve dreaded the idea of breaking her heart. The aftermath would be catastrophic, he knew it.

He tried to put up certain behaviours to lead her into breaking up with him, but every step seemed to endear him more to her. Regardless, the break up must go on. She would hurt inevitably, but he wasn’t sure how long it would take her to heal.

For her to heal quickly, the breakup would have to come from her.  He would have to make her do something that would trigger the end of their relationship. All of these so he could be absolved of blame. Steve wanted no post-breakup drama.

When Steve opened up to his buddy Ade, they both came up with a plan which sounded perfect to Steve that he agreed instantly.

It happened that Lara did not know Ade physically, although they had spoken a few times on phone; so when Ade introduced himself as Sola when they met at the City Mall, she didn’t suspect anything.

As expected, Steve pulled away from Lara on the excuse of work, and Ade (Sola) pressed harder to get Lara by giving her time and a lot of attention. But after playing all his playboy tricks in the card, Lara did not bulge.

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One night after a quarrel ensued between Lara and Steve, Ade(Sola) played his last card; marriage!. He point blank asked Lara to marry him. Lara gave no answer but her mind was torn.

Ade continued to show affection to Lara and when Steve continued to act strangely towards her, she decided to give in to the serious man.

Lara however decided that she would have to officially break up with Steve before saying YES to Sola. So, she proceeded to Steve’s house and broke up with him.

She was very happy that she had gotten rid of Steve and could settle for a new life with Sola. Immediately she left Steve’s house, she sent a text message to Sola stating her readiness to be his wife for life.

Lara expected Sola to call.  She wanted to hear that baritone voice of his,  to hear him express great joy and tell her how fortunate he is to have her. The call was however not coming, so she called. Unfortunately, there was no getting through to the other end.

Meanwhile, Ade (Sola) stared at his phone as it rang for the umpteenth time. When he had enough of the ringing, he switched off the phone. He removed the sim card and threw it into the pool before clicking glasses with Steve for a successful execution of their plan.

Steve was free at last!

Story sent in by Longe Segun. 

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