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Ali Baba shares vital relationship lesson with his cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’

A lot of us have grown tired of listening to covers of Adele’s record shattering song, ‘Hello’ but Ali Baba’s worded version is invaluable for anyone hoping to pick vital relationship lessons.

Hol’up, we have not said Ali Baba went into the studio to record a song, he rather did his own by words via an Instagram post which he shared yesterday.

The Nigerian king of comedy delved into relationship counselling on Sunday afternoon as he spoke on relationship problems. The veteran comedian shared his thoughts on Instagram about relationships and the missing link while using Adele’s massive single, ‘Hello’ as a case study.

In his words, ‘Most people show love even when it’s not returned. Then they snap out of that spell. Also observe the dust that had gathered on memories and things tied with it. That’s what happens when a relationship ends’

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THE OTHER SIDE OF HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE…. First of all let me say that I am addicted to good lyrics. And I am also a fan of well thought out impactful lyrics. Like Hello From the Other Side. It's a simple story of a lover trying to reconnect with a lover from a past relationship that went south. From the lyrics and the video interpretation of the song, the guy made her happy, cooked, joked, worked hard, loved and cared, then it all changed. The part that is obviously missing is the appearance of the lady in video. The message was very clear. That the lady did not reciprocate. And you got a clear picture of someone receiving and not giving. And you also saw when the guy switched! For me, that was the breaking point. Most people show love even when it's not returned. Then they snap out of that spell. Also observe the dust that had gathered on memories and things tied with it. That's what happens when a relationship ends. That's when the things that made it tick begin to be clear. Especially when the person calling from the other side didn't get it as good as the past one was. Did you also see the telephone booth? That just showed the bad communication after the switch. You can not also miss the total change of the guy from the ever happy to the gloomy guy. Irritable. Uncaring. Temperamental and under the weather. When you make people happy keep them that way. Because you will not like them otherwise. Also, try to reciprocate love you receive. It helps to get more. It is common to see people who have switched of ignore all your attempts to reconnect. Because they have waited for you to catch up but you did not. And as I always say, this scenario painted by @adele can go both ways. Many guys are blind to real love shown until it is withdrawn… Then they begin to call from the other side! Now go and see the video and listen to the song again. Many have been there. Some are there now!!! Finally, let me add that's what happened in the video is makes many not fall all into love next time they happen on love. See how messed up brother was at the end! Heartbreak is female dog!!

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