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5 love scenarios you can only find in Africa Magic movies

I’m not a big fan of Africa magic movies, but I still find our Nollywood movies fascinating. From the several movies title to the several plots that are many times predictable. And each time I watch them I seem to always find funny, or downright ridiculous love scenarios that only exist in such planets. Here are 5 love scenarios I believe can only be found in Africa Magic Movies.

Love always start from shopping in the mall or supermarket

This particular one always make me wonder if the directors are limited in their creativity. You’d often see a lady just strolling through the mall searching for the thing wey no lost. Window shopping skill on point, but you can almost see through her that she’s expecting something to happen by the way her eyes darts across the entire space like she actually wants to steal something. Then this guy – the knight in shining armour – who’s also there to buy nada, walks up to her to display his toasting skills. In less than a few seconds, they are exchanging numbers, and they both leave without buying anything. Please remind me, why were they at the mall again?

Someone thinks this is Desmond Elliot specialty, no be me talk am oh. But if you are feeling lucky, you can go to Shoprite later today to see if this actually works.

The (un)fortunate bump is the ultimate relationship starter!

This is equally common in Africa Magic movies, and I like to call it the (un)fortunate bump or the coincidental accident, lol. It usually involves a lady who’s walking on her own, and another guy in the opposite direction. Both of them acting oblivious of each other. To add effect, some directors give both of them shades (even at night sometimes) perhaps to further prove that they are blind to each other, or that it’s a blind date set up by nature.

Then before you can say “Afmag”, they hit each other and whatever the lady is carrying is scattered on the floor. As the guy then tries to help the situation, they exchange a weird eye contact that looks like it will never end. Fiam relationship don start! So, guys next time you want to get that girls attention, abeg use the ‘collision method’, that’s all you need!

Beware sha, if you bump into a mad girl or boy, na slap and cussing go end am o. Watch face well, before you try the accidental collision. Afmag directors may not be on ground to shout “Cut” when shit hits the fan! lol. 

The Chase on the Beach

Quick question, how many couples actually go to the beach just to chase each other like babies in the sands? I can’t remember if I have seen that happen in all the beaches I have been to. But somehow, Nollywood Directors always find a way to make couples play like kids in the sand at beaches.

Perhaps, there is a secret to it that we all have not found out. So, here’s a quick assignment. When next you go for that beach date with bae, try doing a romantic sprint around the space, and tell us how you felt afterwards. For once, Africa Magic Movies may be right about something. We’d be waiting for your feedback on this one.

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The side chic is the evil witch; but the philandering hubby is the saint who must be saved!

This particular one irks me all the time. I personally feel it’s one of the reasons a lot of women are insecure, and always out to fight each other when they really should stand for each other.

A woman catches her hubby with another woman, and the next thing she is doing is fighting the side chic, trying to get her naked or creating a scene whilst calling her all sorts of name. The ‘useless’ man is then left to watch the show unfolding or shamefully excusing himself from the scene unhurt.

In reality, women are getting woke o. The man is not leaving that scene without some proper dragging. Some movies even show the legit woman begging the irresponsible man in the following scene. I sometimes feel like slapping sense into the actors.

Love conquers all things; even a relationship between two people with AS Genotypes!

I believe in the fact that love conquers all adversities, but sometimes, you have to tell yourself the truth. Some principles never change, and genotype compatibility is one of them. Africa Magic Movies do not seem to agree though.

I saw a movie recently, and it inspired this article. Turns out this couple found out they were both incompatible; they were both of AS genotype. Despite the doctor’s warning to save themselves and their future kids the stress, this couple still went ahead seeking spiritual help, hoping their genotypes could change. They were spurred on by the belief that love is all that matters. 

Guess what? They went on with the marriage! Don’t ask me what happened afterwards, because I switched channels after the wedding scene. Please someone should tell Nollywood directors to do better. Their movies influence a lot of people out there, and they need to help in promoting what’s right, what’s plausible and not this ridiculous messages!

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No doubt, Nollywood remains the most fascinating movie industry, and Africa Magic is helping them reach wider audiences. Final warning: please don’t try any of this at home, else we may have to start a movie series in your house.

Do you have any interesting love scenarios you have seen lately watching Africa Magic Movies, please don’t be stingy; share biko.

Dammy Rachel Scribbling for Glowville 

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