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ADAM’S APPLE | Episode 3

The weekend was not one I looked forward to, I had just passed through a torrid week at work with my boss who wasn’t relenting until my targets for the month are met…else, there would be no salary for me for the month

Despite all the work I did, I was still bound to have a weekend as busy as the week because my reports had to be up to date before the following Monday’s general meeting with the big boss.

The timely submission would determine if I get to lead the next project which would be a dream come true for me. It had to be done. I had a determination to make something of my self. That to me, was the only vindication I would have if or when I decide to return home to my family.

As I drove, I reminisced about my family.

It had been five years since I left home. I had to admit to myself that I missed everyone; but I was not ready to forgive my brother.

Blood, they say, is thicker than water, but I strongly believed what I share with Gregory is nothing close to blood. If there was any brotherly bond between us, he wouldn’t have done what he did to me.

I had some issues in secondary school, and after repeating Jss2 and Sss1, Greg and I were in the same class. We graduated together and gained admission into University of Calabar.

Greg formed an annoying habit of always reminding that we are mates in school, regardless of the fact that I was three years older, and as such, he showed no respect to me. I had to keep quiet for long, determined to prove my self again by making something of my life, even if my father seemed to have given up on me and showed how much he preferred Greg to me. I leaned on my mother for solace most of the time in school.


Greg deserved all the love and attention he got. He was smart, brilliant, and highly charismatic. I kind of lost my self esteem after Greg caught up with me in class, and I became withdrawn. Hardly did anyone know I was Greg’s elder brother.

I tolerated Greg for as long as I could, allowing my passion and drive to succeed overshadow whatever insults meted out from my only brother. But in our final year in the University, I had to draw the line; I had to take my destiny with my hands and carry on with my life.

I had a friend, Jessica. She had been my friend since 200 level, and I grew fond of her but I had that big problem of summoning the courage to take our friendship to the next level. We were two months and a few days away from graduation. So it became pertinent to speak out or lose her forever. I lacked the courage to face her, and the only option I could think of was to use a third-party; a smart person who could talk in my place. My quick choice which turned out to be a foolish one was my brother, Greg.

As at that time, Greg was in his third relationship in four years. He knew how to meander his way into ladies’ mind and win them over. For me, there was no better candidate to talk to Jessica on my behalf than him.

He was glad to help me speak to Jessica, and for once, I was grateful to have Greg as my brother. Greg told me he would deliver in two weeks, and I was more than willing to wait.

Days and nights passed by, and in a twinkle, two weeks had gone. But there was no feedback from my dear brother. Greg avoided my calls, and always had one excuse or the other not to see me. I saw Jessica everyday, but I couldn’t ask her questions about my brother.

After a month of waiting, I did what I should have done a long time ago. I asked Jessica out for lunch and when I stuttered through the ‘asking-out’ process, she gave me the saddest news of my life; she was dating Greg!

It was the beginning of a cold war between me and Greg. To heap more misery upon me, all Greg had to say when I confronted him was “There was no better way to let you see how smart I am

Well, indeed he proved himself to me… And for Jessica; they broke up even before we graduated.

I was not sorry for her, but I felt guilty about the whole thing. I brought it upon her, she deserved much better than what she got from Greg.

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I therefore decided to prove myself to Greg, to my father and anyone who cared to listen…that I am no fool, I am no dumb ass, I can be a success, despite having failed severally, that I can win despite having lost to my brother.

After graduation, I left home one morning without telling anyone where I was headed. I came to Delta State where I have managed to bring myself to where I am now. I will not stop until I have what it takes to stake my claim as the first child of my father, and a worthy elder brother to Greg; I must remind him of that statement and make him eat his words!

That will happen eventually, but I had to snap back to reality. I still had a long way to go, a boss I must not disappoint, and a busy weekend to look forward to.


Uncle Steve didn’t say a word, but disappointment was written all over his face. It was clear he didn’t buy the lie I sold to him, I wonder how he became such a smart detective. How could anyone not believe I was robbed and I had to sleep in a church, and that it was the good Samaritan pastor of the church that paid for the taxi that brought me home.

I was glad to have passed that episode. My next big concern was Greg and what I forgot at his place.

He seemed to be playing with my head. I searched my bag all day but couldn’t decipher what I left at Greg’s place. I had to call him when I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I have been waiting by the phone all day. I almost gave up…thought you would never call” Greg said almost as soon as the phone rang.

“I did not call to talk about you, I want to know what I forgot at your place and how to get it back.” I answered sharply.

“For real? If by now, you don’t know what you left with me, it’s definitely not important to you. There will be no need to look for it.” Greg replied dryly.

I was irritated. This dude slept with me so cheaply and now thinks he can talk anyhow to me. This is further reason to run away from him.

“I will keep it. I find it a valuable possession I can keep for the rest of my life. Thanks for visiting. I still desire to see you again though” Greg continued.

Whatever he was doing was getting to me and I didn’t find it funny. I was being blackmailed…it felt that way. On the other hand, I wanted to see Greg again, I was attracted to him that much, but returning to his place because I forgot something makes me feel like I did it on purpose in order to find an excuse to see him again. To make matters worse, he was making the most of it.

I didn’t seem to have any choice. I would have to go to his place, to see what I had forgotten and to see this dude that just knows how to get me crazy.

“I will come to your place tomorrow. But I need you to know that I’m only coming to collect what I left over there”. I replied him and hung up, lying on the bed in the visitor’s room in Uncle Steve’s house.

Whatever the case may be, my visit to Lagos had been fruitful. I had fun, I met @gregdinho and even though I liked him, I didn’t like the fact that I fell so cheaply into his bed, hence there was no possibility of pursuing any long term with him. I planned to return to Asaba on Sunday to get on with my life. No regrets.

The door flung open suddenly, and the man behind the door was none other than Uncle Steve. With an intimidating look he said, “I have called your father to let him know about what happened this morning. He wants you to return to Asaba first thing tomorrow morning. I Just thought you should know”

To Be Continued Next Week………

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