ADAM’S APPLE | Episode 2

I felt so naked and didn’t get any sense of protection until I was in the cab. I just wanted to run, to go far away from every eye, I  wanted to be alone and ask myself what went wrong.

“Madam, which side for Surulere you dey go?” The taxi driver asked me. I had jumped hastily into his taxi as if it was mine and he was my driver, ready to take me anywhere in the world.

“Shitta” I replied him, eager to end the discourse with him. As we moved, everyone looking in my direction seemed to carry that ‘I know what you just did’ look, and every word said to me sounded like a harsh rebuke. I felt so terrible.

Everything happened so fast, I didn’t have time to think. This is not to shy away from my guilt, but it seemed Greg had hypnotised me and I had very little choice. What was intended to be just a courtesy visit went overboard, and not only did I do the unthinkable with him, I slept at his place – that was my greater regret. I began to wrought different lies I would tell my  uncle and his wife when I get home.

I had checked my phone earlier while sneaking out of Greg’s room and I found over 25 missed calls! I must have gotten them worried about my whereabouts. There would have to be something worthy I must say to defend my recklessness or Uncle Steve will give me a huge dressing down.


I pondered hard upon what to tell Uncle Steve when I get home, but nothing seemed perfect. Knowing who Uncle Steve was, he scrutinizes every word, and the expression that comes with it. I remember once telling him to seek a position in the Police Force. After several futile attempts to think up a lie, I gave up and reverted my mind back to Greg.

I had known Greg for up to six months online before finally meeting him yesterday. Our friendship didn’t start on a very good note because I was a thorn in the flesh for him when we first met on twitter. His persistence and patience made me give him a chance.

Greg was stubbornly patient despite all my efforts to frustrate him. I was simply having fun on twitter, just the way I usually did with other guys, but his case was different, he wanted more and would not give up until he got it. I wasn’t following Greg, but I knew all of his twitter activities just as he continued to stalk me. I was enjoying the special attention and also fascinated by his tweets. Even when he wasn’t tweeting at me, he was just as gentlemanly to everyone.

After two long months of holding up (yes, I took the pain to count) I finally followed @gregdinho and that was the beginning of our friendship which had lasted up to six month until I fell into something unthinkable with him. The guilt was back upon me, and I felt the need to punish myself for falling so cheaply into his hands, on our first meeting!

That was cheap, slutty and crazy of me. I began to fear what Greg would do to me on twitter after he had gotten what he wanted from me. I shut my eyes hard at the thought and repeatedly reprimanded myself, muttering “Valerie, you are a fool, a very big fool”

My phone battery was running low, but the LED light was blinking red. I picked it up to check whatever notification I had and alas it was from twitter. That was not a very good time to tweet, but over time, twitter has been a source of escape for me when I needed to get some things out of my head.

With renewed enthusiasm, I clicked the twitter app and read my notifications. As usual, I had a lot of mentions and Direct Messages (DMs). I scrolled through my mentions and replied the ones that really needed it. But when I opened my Message box, the first on the list was @Gregdinho.


“Hi baby, trust you had fun through the nite just as much as I did. I really appreciate your coming and would love to see you again”

“I am still wondering why you left so early and without letting me know. I had something to give you but since you left, I guess that would wait till our next meet. Tongue out, Lol”

I was suddenly irritated at him. It seemed to me like he was singing a song of victory.  I sat there in the cab, regretting what I did with him, dreading what awaited me at home and what I would put up as a defense. To make matters worse, he even dreams of another meet! That would be over my dead body. I won’t be in a hurry to travel down to Lagos from Asaba again, not after the likely dress down I would get from Uncle Steve when I arrive home with my tail hidden behind my legs.

I liked Greg even more when I saw him yesterday, and I must confess, I enjoyed the time spent with him…at least till I lost track. He was just as funny and intelligent as he was when we chatted online and was twice as handsome as I saw in his pictures. There was every reason to want to establish a relationship with him, but after giving myself so cheaply to him on a first date, I doubted if it would be possible.

I went back to read the rest of my DMs and the next thing I read threw me off balance.

“Babe, I was just cleaning up when I discovered you left something at my place. I will keep it for you. Means we’ll still see before you return to base”

I dropped my phone like it was a hot iron and searched frantically through my bag to decipher what I had ignorantly and stupidly left at his place, but everything seemed intact. I racked my brains to figure it out but I couldn’t. I was about calling him to ask when I realized the taxi was coming to a halt – he was at Shitta already.

“Madam, where make I stop?” the taxi driver asked.

“Enter that next junction, the third house by the left” I replied quickly. At that moment, preparing for Uncle Steve was far more important that calling Greg. I gathered my self quickly and started muttering Psalm 23 under my breath even as more guilt fell upon me for turning to the bible after committing sin.

The taxi driver stopped in front of the house and I alighted after paying him. As he revved his engine to go in search of another passenger, I felt like asking him to wait with me and help me beg, just in case things go haywire with Uncle Steve. But he was too quick and sped away within a few seconds.

I was still making my way to knock the gate when it was flung open by Uncle Steve’s wife.

“Oh my God, Valerie! where have you been? We were so worried! Steve just left for the station to report that you are missing…”

To Be Continued Next Week…

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  1. Wow! Suspense aiye :). Nice one dear.

  2. getting interesting…. nice one for a start.

  3. Omobolajislickz

    This is really cool..we’ll be waiting for n episode,Glowville..

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