Abortion and the CHOICE you have to make

Abortion is a major debate between Pro-Lifers and Pro-choice proponents of today. This article attempts to abandon every prejudice and be blunt about the realities inherent in abortion.

To those who believe that “Abortion is wrong, it is murder” let me try to open your mind to a larger perspective.

I am not going to present any standard pro-choice arguments here about a woman’s right to choose and do what they want with their own body, etc. I am not going to tell you that you are wrong either, but show you that this is not a simple black and white issue of ethics, by giving you a lot more to consider.

To really understand this issue, you have to understand the consequences, outcomes and effects involved from a larger picture perspective. Also, when you realize that your “moral logic” is inconsistent and largely subjective, relative and situational, you will realize that this is a complex gray area issue, not a black and white one.

So for a few minutes, please turn off your moral righteousness and ethical prejudices, and try to look at this issue sympathetically and rationally, from a larger perspective, as I lay out the decision tree and consequences below.

ABORTION: This baby deserves LIFE...Or NOT?

This baby deserves LIFE…Or NOT?

Let me first say that an unwanted pregnancy is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario.

It’s a decision between two choices. It’s one of the most terrible situations in life that one can possible face, and it’s better never to have to face it.

No one is really “pro-abortion”. Abortion is a horrible and gruesome thing (to do), but so is going through with an unwanted pregnancy. Both are terrible. The only real questions at stake for those involved here are: Which of the two negative choices is more tolerable for me? Which can I live with better? Which will have a lesser damaging effect on my life? Which is in my best interest?

You see, those involved in an unwanted pregnancy face only two real choices:
1. Do something that most people feel is “wrong” by getting an abortion, feel guilty and sad about it for a few weeks, and then resume your normal life again afterward.
2. Go through with an unwanted pregnancy because others say “abortion is wrong”. Then be forced to commit to a 20+ year unpaid job that you can’t get out of, which will imprison you and take away your freedom. And during the process, be leeched and drained of your time, energy, resources and emotions – essentially suffering 20+ years of regret and imprisonment.

A person faced with the dire decision above will NOT be concerned with “Which is the right morally correct choice?” They would be asking these key important questions: Which of the two negative choices can I live with better? Which is more tolerable? Which would damage my life less? Which is better for my self-interest and goals? And so would you!

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Anyone can preach morals, but when you are faced with those two dire choices, you will be thinking about the consequences to yourself, not the morals. Now if you KNOW that you absolutely CANNOT tolerate #2, then you might go with #1, regardless of the “morality” of it or condemnation from others (whose freedom is not at stake). So for you, #1 might be the more rational/logical choice. It’s not a right or wrong issue. It’s just a choice you have to make.

Now, one might realize that #1 is far more tolerable and manageable than #2. So by choosing #1, they
would be making a rational/logical choice for themselves – not a moral one.

Suppose you were a poor mom in a third world country who already had kids and you accidentally got pregnant again, and you knew that you could NOT afford to support another kid cause, and neither would you have the energy for it. Well in that case, choosing #1 might be a more rational choice for you that is best for all involved.

You see, when there are dire consequences at stake, not everyone cares about moral condemnation from others anyway. You can’t expect everyone to make simple “morally correct” choices when there are serious, permanent and overwhelming consequences at stake. In reality, when survival, self-preservation and imprisonment comes into play, morals usually take a backseat. This is because our survival instinct is at the root of our behaviours. It is first and foremost in all living beings.

Moral ethics, which were developed to allow humans to get along with others, are secondary. So it is irrational and unrealistic to expect that people will place morality and ethics above their survival instinct. You have to understand that.

My submission: If you don’t want to get stuck in between ‘what is socially and morally acceptable’ and ‘what is necessary for my own good’ in the case of abortion. ABSTINENCE is the answer!!!

It’s easy to condemn abortion when it’s not you carrying the unwanted baby, and it’s also not a good experience to pass through the emotional and psychological torture of abortion, except you are a heartless soul on a murder spree.

In your best interest, stay away from sex till you are ready to bear the consequences.


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  1. No one is pro-abortion? How about the people who stand to gain (monetarily) from abortions? Planned Parenthood has time and again been caught promoting abortion via appalling methods: telling women blatant lies about fetal development, painting adoption as the irresponsible option, not reporting statuary rape, promoting promiscuity among teenagers…the list goes on.

  2. Wow! I luv this. ABSTINENCE lo sure ju! This is quite informative. Nice one guys.

  3. Give me a break. It’s wrong to take innoncent human life, period. You half-witted anti-lifers are always trying to compllicate the issue so that abortion sounds benign. It’s not. It’s child murder, period. You people belong in fucking jail.

  4. Pls doctor wht can l do l hv take postinor 2.l am already pregnant

  5. how sure are you about abstinence? any side effects?

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