A woman, perfect and smart

There is no PERFECT WOMAN, but there is a SMART WOMAN

It’s commonly said that we can’t attain perfection, but we can at least try. This piece by Tosin Ayo tries to explain how a woman may not necessarily need to be superfluous in nature to be accepted. All she needs is to embrace her nature, her strengths and weaknesses and try to achieve the best version of herself from it. Please enjoy below. 


There is something damn ‘sexy’ about the intelligent, sound and the brilliant woman.

There is something very beautiful about the woman with a good and Godly character.

There is something really attractive about the hardworking woman who does not need a man’s money before she buys a weave or a long dress.

There is something really endearing about a homely woman who never nags or complain about everything and naturally makes a man return home to her quickly after a stressful day at work.

There is something really alluring about the fashionable woman who does not need cosmetic baptism (burying her face in a gallon of texcoat paint) to look beautiful; she understands that moderation does it and she radiates modesty and serenity.

There is something really fluorescent about the confident woman; She raises her head high, not her shoulder! She is supremely courageous and cannot be shoved aside even by made men.

There is something really inviting about the clean woman with a superb personal hygiene! She emits an endearing cologne, her nails are trimmed, no irritating dripping oil from her shoddily permed hair on her neck-sleeves, her armpits and ‘private pits’ well manicured and not a forest of bush housing hyenas and hippopotamus.

There is something really classy about the fully covered woman in a long dress with no opened butts or exposed draping milk bags! She leaves much to the imagination and makes men wander on how to unravel her ‘mystery’. She is wise enough to know that real men prefer their gifts wrapped!

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There is something really serene about the woman with a bridled tongue; she never vomits vituperation or unearth vulgar musings. She is not uncouth or loose in tongue. She is truly gentle and feminine in speech, courtesy and candour.

There is something really smooth about the woman who refuses to bleach her skin; she won’t be a ‘fanta’ by face, a ‘pepsi’ by wrist and a ‘coke’ by ankle. Her black shines and glows. Her fairness not induced. Her skin befriends the sun-lit rays and they don’t peel in the course of surgical operation.

There is something really smart of the woman who reads this and does not think its an onslaught against the women folk but quietly cross-checks herself and turn over a new leaf.

‘Tosin Ayo,
(The ‘word bank’).

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