Are You A River Or A Reservoir?

In life, you are either blessed to be a blessing or you are blessed to be an ending! Some receive and flow to others like a conduit pipe and a hose giving what it has received whilst some receive and keep it with no one but themselves as beneficiaries- this is the River and the Reservoir conundrum. Indeed, success is a seed- whosoever eats it alone has killed it! Hence the question, are you a river or a reservoir?

Rivers are flowing waters of life with an endless source- it is never scared to give of itself because it knows that sharing wealth doesn’t diminish it! It is a mark of ancestral poverty, sheer lack, acute inability to reproduce, self under-estimation, fear of continued lack of expansion and productivity and innate inferiority complex that makes a man incapable of giving! It is a poverty mentality that fuels the assumption that parting with part of one’s possessions ‘poorify’ the rich. Holding on to the little held by the poor doesn’t multiply it either!

A river is never filled with impurity or particles because it flows ceaselessly and frees itself! A reservoir on the other hand is a connoisseur of sediments and an avalanche of impurity because of its lack of capacity to yield up the bad in order to take the good- it is a pool of many waters- the good, the bad and the ugly. It is a storage of discomfort, it is neither aerated nor refreshed!

Rivers are a platform of help; Reservoirs are a canister of selfishness! Rivers add value to others, reservoirs take self-worth from others! Rivers take in water in order to fill and feed other streams; Reservoirs continually take in water but only to fill themselves up!

There is no restriction or encased room to take up the water of the river simply because it gives what it takes, it is open for more and it is subject to the law of flowing fluidity which states that the more you give, the greater your capacity to receive because of more allowance of retention from the freed space of donation. There is very limited space to accommodate more water in the selfish vault of the reservoir as it doesn’t give what it receives! The reservoir’s greed is its lack- its undoing and its grave! It caves in to the pressure of the retention of its toxic content and cowers under the endless breath of suffocation! The river gives what it receives- that’s why it flows and grows; the reservoir keeps whatever it receives; that’s why it bursts, groans, becomes stultified and static!

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Develop the culture of generosity and the mentality of abundance If you desire to succeed- imbibe the belief that you will keep on receiving as long as you continually give. A generous man is thoroughly admired by strangers, the stingy man is hated by his family; a man’s gifts and giving maketh room for him amongst his people; a man’s greed breaketh and burgles his room!

A reservoir freezes and experiences the pangs of scarcity because it doesn’t release the old to receive new- until you are empty, you can’t be filled!

Be a river, not a reservoir… Rivers are like onions, no matter how much of its clothes you shed, it remains clothed! Small leaks drain out the reservoir! Are you a River or a Reservoir?

-‘Tosin Ayo,
(The ‘word bank’).

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