A bitter fact about campus relationships

A bitter fact about campus relationships

If you are currently in a relationship on campus, this piece from Wale Shaquiri, an ardent reader of the blog might be useful to you. He tries to explain how the serious university environment affects romance in campus relationships and probably affects why only very few of them attain the ‘happily ever after’ status. Please share your opinion in the comments section after reading. Thank you.

They say that a university is a home of brains and intellectuals and thus everything is supposed to be handled in a procedural, analytic and sober way as professionals ought to. So bad that currently, campus relationships are handled with the same scientific, academic and intellectual seriousness making them be more of laboratory experiments than a union of two hearts.

For instance, imagine this guy who came to my room at around 11.30pm. His face was disfigured into shapeless crunches as if he had just seen a vision of his future life, and well, he generally looked tired. He did not even care about the formalities of introducing himself but he just looked at me with a distant eyes as if speaking to someone in a dream and then in a low monotonous and helpless tone that seemed to draw away his breath. “Boss, abeg you get sugar?”

Apparently, the comrade had invited a long time crush for supper and possibly a sleep over but before he could even begin the celebrations, the girl stated that she could never eat the meal he prepared (whatever it was) without sugar and lest he spoils the night, he was in a sugar hunting mission. I wish you had seen how weak, defeated and ugly he looked when I gave him the dreaded answer: NO! It seemed as if the world had suddenly come to an end.

That’s where the love laboratories in campus have taken us.

A bitter fact about campus relationships


Currently, the thought of love in a relationship is like trying to milk a stone and now, comrades enter into relationships with only one fixed resolution: to meet specific goals.


For instance, if you are a laptop owner, you are likely to have a high affinity for movie hunters and wait until you lose your laptop that’s when you will realize how worthless, useless and insignificant your presence was. It’s unfortunate that the romantic eye has been replaced with keen and analytical scientific eye.

Campus relationships have been turned into a constant tug of war between the scientist and the specimen and as woe unto you if you are a specimen in the hands of a ruthless scientist, you will be turned, tossed, used, your patience will be tasted, your romance will be analyzed and finally when the experiment is completed, your presence will be regarded with lethargy and equal venom as if you are a public relations officer from the Alshabaab militants.

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A bitter fact about campus relationships is that almost all of them have a time limit to attain their objectives. That’s why many of them wither away once they leave campus gates.

It should however be of note that a few relationships have managed to survive this spectacle and attained the “happily ever state” but for many others, this is a dream, possible only in a dream land.

What’s your objective in that relationship you are currently involved in on campus? Is it an experiment? Are you just trying to keep yourself engaged? Are you looking beyond the campus walls?

Only you can answer!

– Wale Shaquiri


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