Toyin Aimakhu love drama

Toyin Aimakhu love drama becomes more intriguing after this report

The Toyin Aimakhu love drama became even more intriguing when reports came out that she was beaten to a pulp by her new lover, Segun Egbegebe. But the beautiful actress has come out to deny the allegation.

In an interview with NETng, the Alakada actress denied the rumour claiming, ‘I don’t know where this story is coming from, but honestly, Seun didn’t not beat me. Seun is a responsible man; it’s only an irresponsible man who will beat a woman to a pulp.’  Toyin further claims her relationship with Seun Egbegbe is platonic saying, ‘Seun is my friend. We have been friends for a long time.’

The media has recently circulated stories of Toyin breaking up her marriage with her co-actor husband, Adeniyi Johnson over allegations of infidelity. And rather than coming out to deny what was leveled against him, the Tinsel actor took to social media to apologise to Toyin Aimakhu and asked for forgiveness from her over his mistake.

Apparently  dissatisfied with Adeniyi’s remorse, Toyin allegedly left her matrimonial home into the waiting arms of Lagos socialite and movie producer, Seun Egbegbe. Egbegbe already cut the image of a controversial figure when it comes to issues of dating women in unusual circumstances so it was not difficult for many to believe that Seun had truly come into the picture. Apart from pictures of Seun and Toyin in compromising postures hitting the internet to add credence to the story of their dalliance, they have been attending parties together.

Meanwhile, Toyin on the other hand had kept denying the story that she was having an affair with the Ebony Pictures’ boss, a stance said not to be going down well with Seun. And that has, according to reports, turned out to be the crux of the matter. Seun allegedly instructed Toyin to start celebrating their affair in the media since he had invested a lot financially and materially into it, but Toyin reportedly declined on the basis that she just got out of marriage and it would not be ideal to be seen to have jumped into another affair so soon. Probably not one to take no for an answer, Seun allegedly descended on Toyin and gave the actress the beating of her life for her refusal to celebrate their affair like he had already started doing.

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Toyin has also denied being beaten to a pulp on her Instagram page, claiming she had been busy on location acting with popular actor, Odunlade Adekola.

‘I have been on set filming with Odunlade Adekola.. Whoever is saying or writing rubbish about me pls continue God help you.. #rumourmongers#haters..,’ she wrote.

What is to believe and what is not to? Who is to blame and who is to praise? Are there external forces really at work? We may have to look on to have the answers to these questions as the Toyin Aimakhu love drama continues to unravel itself.

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