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5 things that will help you succeed in your best man duties!

Being the Best Man at your best friend or brother’s wedding can be a great honour because it’s you that the groom thought of giving the maximum responsibility to and that means a lot. Since he trusts the most with his wedding preparations, you have a lot of responsibilities on your best man shoulder and your aim shouldn’t be to just fulfill these duties and responsibilities, but to fulfill these responsibilities in the best way ever. This article aims to help you fulfill your role effectively and achieve success in your best man duties.

You should be the best “best man” that any wedding has ever seen, after all it’s your best buddy’s wedding day, not bound to come again. So what’s the secret to succeeding in your best man duties?

Here are the five things that you need to keep in mind and do to the utmost perfection to leave a mark as the best best man to ever walk down the aisle. And perhaps, you become a pro in teaching others how to perform well in their best man duties!

1. Responsibility of the Groomsmen

Getting all the groomsmen acquainted with one another is your responsibility. You are the link between the wedding and the groomsmen. All the groomsmen may not necessarily know each other, so make sure that they get to know one another and get comfortable with each other before they are all involved in the wedding preparations.

It is essential for you to make accommodation arrangements for all the groomsmen and taking them for suit fittings. You will also need to ensure that all the groomsmen show up at the wedding on time and are dressed correctly. You are the leader of the groomsmen pack, so making sure that the groomsmen look good and are taken care of, is part of your best man duties.

2. Stag Party or Bachelor Party

The day your lad gets engaged and makes you his best man, is the day you need to start planning the most epic stag party for your best friend; this usually requires a lot of arrangements.

The first thing to keep in mind when planning your best friend’s stag party is to discuss with the groom and ask him what he would prefer. In planning, you need to keep in mind the interests, likes and dislikes of the groom. If you think you know the groom well enough to plan the stag party on your own, then go ahead. But if you have even the slightest doubt or want to be sure about your idea for the stag night, there is no harm in consulting with the groom once before you start executing your plans for the stag night.

Whether you want to travel to Vegas or Europe, start planning well in advance and get all the groomsmen in on the planning. Discuss with all the men you want to invite to the stag night and then decide on a date so that everyone can be available on the date of the stag party. If you’re planning a stag night abroad, then ensure that you have plenty of time to make all the accommodation, travel and visa arrangements. Planning an epic bachelor party for the groom is an essential part of your best man duties.


3. Support to the Groom

The days leading up to the wedding and the wedding day, can be a very overwhelming time for the groom. Give your ear to all his confusions, doubts and feelings that he might be going through and looking to share with someone. If and when the groom gets cold feet, it is your responsibility to remind him of how much he loves his wife to be and why this wedding will be good for both of them.

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It is also your responsibility to ensure that the groom eats well on the day of his wedding and stays hydrated. In the hustle bustle of the wedding day, it’s very common for the groom to forget to take care of himself, so ensure that the groom drinks water regularly and is confident and ready for the big moment.


4. Ring Bearing Duties

The day of the wedding calls for the maximum role of the best man. You will be responsible for the precious ring that the groom will slide onto the bride’s finger and make her, his wife. So make sure that the most important thing of the wedding day, the wedding ring, is safe with you and remember to take it out at the right moment during the wedding ceremony. Your job is not complete as a best man if you are lagging in this duty.


5. Best Man Speech

The last but definitely not the least, is the best man speech and toast. This is your shining moment. Give a short yet crisp speech filled with humour, emotion and most of all blessings to the newly wed couple. Make sure you don’t overdo the speech with too many embarrassing stories about the groom. Keep it funny, yet classy. Do include some stories or facts about the bride as well and how good they are for each other. Make it emotional and end with a personalized wish for the couple.


Once the wedding is over and the music starts, it’s time for you to have fun but remember you’re still the best man till the end of the wedding night. So ensure that the getaway car is well decorated for the bride and groom to drive away in. Lead the maid/ matron of honour to the dance floor and then kick start the wedding celebrations with some dance moves.

There is no list for the last minute responsibilities that might fall in your lap on the wedding day, so be prepared for anything and everything. The only important thing to remember is to be there for your best friend who’s getting married and help ensure that everything on the day of the wedding and the days before, goes smoothly.


That’s it about best man duties from Suzanne Elly who sent this in. You know some other things that are not covered in this article, please be nice and share.


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