Questions women should ask before dating

13 questions women should ask before dating younger men – URU EKE

Fast rising Nollywood actress and movie producer, Uru Eke known for her roles in Last Flight to Abuja, Weekend Getaway and Being Mrs Elliot, waded into the issue of women dating younger men in a recent article. She highlighted some salient questions women should ask before dating younger men. 

The 37-year-old British-born Nigerian actress enumerates the following questions for women:

13 Questions Women Should Ask Before Dating Younger Men

1. Is he mentally mature enough to be with a woman much older than him?

2. Where is he in his life and career? Lots of conversations and observing will eventually highlight these.

3. What are his goals for family and children and how far along in the future are the goals?

4. Is being with an older woman just a fantasy he is living out through being with you or does he genuinely want you?

5. Is this just a bit of fun for both of you and when he starts to back-track will it be easy for you to let go and move on?

6. Can you have a grown up conversation with him?


Questions women should ask before dating


7. Is he independent?

8. When he talks does he sound like he is much younger?

9. Will dating a younger man leave you lonely?

10. After dating someone younger, can you comfortably slide into dating men within your age group or older?

11. Are you embarrassed of him in the presence of your friends?

12. Is he embarrassed about you in the presence of his friends?

13. Are you with him just for sex?


Dating younger men is a controversial topic among people especially in this part of the world, but we think Uru Eke has done some justice to solving some of the puzzles associated with the issue via the questions enumerated above. We hope women and men alike can take cues from the questions and apply them well; regardless of the kind of relationship you are going for.

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