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10 Kinds of Love We Have Seen In Big Brother Naija 2018

The excitement of popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija is still in the air, and fans still have over 50+ days to watch one person cart away the treasure chest of 45million! The show which started with 20 housemates has not been devoid of its highs and lows; and in the midst of it, we have carefully spotted out some interesting love twists – albeit recanted funnily – by our very own ACE. (Can’t remember her? Click here)

Everyone has what makes BBN exciting for them, but for ACE, she has chosen to look deeper in areas we all see casually to dig out something beautiful. Here are some funny kinds of love from Big Brother Naija 3 that we have seen thus far.

1. The kinda love that respects each other’s weaknesses. As seen in MINA – Miracle and Nina.

It was Big brother who one day, said, after a Friday night game show, that he was disappointed in the kind of pilot Miracle is. How hard is it to get a simple puzzle when you need to know more than a hundred controls to fly a plane? It leaves the big question on everyone’s lips — What kinda pilot Issa Miracle? The one that needs to become an R. Kelly before he can fly a plane even if he believes he can fly?

Then Nina — his then strategic partner who everyone thinks is dumb. So, one day, a fellow house mate said to her, — “You always sound asinine”, and my baby girl thinking it was a beautiful compliment, akin to when you tell a Yoruba woman the pepper in her stew is in the right proportion, said “Awww” and a “thank you.”

Remember the song “I’m sexy and I know it” by LMFAO? I feel Nina always sings — “I’m dumb and I know it…” in her head.

Despite their weaknesses and flaws, they still found away to Romeo our hearts and Juliet our feelings.

Talk about love that respects weaknesses? Talk about MINA.

Although all of that is now changing when Biggy decided to separate the duo; it is yet to be known if they can stand the test of time.

2.  The kinda love that teaches you self control. VanDee – Dee one and Vandora. Not your regular TTT.

Dee one issa married man. And he didn’t want a few months of TV fame to take that away from him. Indeed, not your regular Thin tall Tony.

Vandora who was unlucky to have been partnered with him tried all the tricks in the books and still got rejected. Issa pity.

A girl as hot as Vandora gets turned down by Dee one one too many times? Is the world coming to an end? I thought married men were of the opinion that marriage was complicated and their status left little to our imaginations when they replied our questions of if they are married with answers like “Something like that” and “It’s complicated?”

Vandora may be hot, but Dee one was in charge. Talk about love that teaches you self control? Talk about Dee one – the number one faithful guy in Nigeria.

3. The kind of love that is childish and bothersome. Ksquare – Khloe and K-brule.

Who wants to play war scatter? You remember that game which involved lots of hiding and shooting and shouting? If you are an expert at playing that game, you should be an expert at displaying or showing this kind of love.

Love that’s childish and bothersome. Sigh. My people, this kind of love issa no go area. This kinda love brings nothing but bad luck. If you get entangled with someone that displays this kind of love, run far away. Far far far away.

K-brule was childish and Khloe was bothersome. Imagine that collabo in love? In love man!!! I’m already having headache thinking about it.

This love has its perks though. It is a kind of love that is expressive enough to show depth.

If you want to fall in, under, on top, beside love, do so at your peril. Else, you stand a chance of getting disqualified if in a game. Sacked if in a work environment. Expelled if in a school. Deported if in a foreign country.

4. The kinda love that’s jealous and possessive. Cee-C and Tobi. Nina and Miracle.

This kinda love comes with an extra pair of eyes. You need these eyes for when you would have to send intruders to hell.

The best form of communication isn’t even with the mouth but with the eyes. Remember when you were younger and your mum reads the ten commandments to you with her eyes?

“Thou shall not collect food from strangers. Lie Respectfully. Thou shall not be stupid”

Fam, if you are the possessive and the jealous type like Cee-C and Nina, you might want to go for surgery too.

Love is sweeter when you consistently define boundaries and territories.

And if you are a Tobi or a Miracle, you gotta have a lot of excuses stored up your sleeves.

5. The kinda love that forgets mama’s home training about BBBBBB — Boys Before Books Brings Bastard Babies; as evident in BamTeddy – BamBam and Teddy A.

So, your default bad boy is Teddy A. Tattoos. Beards. Dreads. Baby Dada. Smoker. Fuck boy. Cute voice. The kind of boy your parents warned you about if you are from a Christian home.

And your default good girl, our Iyawo wa Issa Bam Bam. Innocent face. Modern sized butt. Ajebor voice. And a church girl demeanor.

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It’s no longer news that Bam Bam has the hots for Teddy A and the self acclaimed bad boy has found a way into breaking the protective layers of the heart of BBN’s mistress in distress. Talk about home training and matured upbringing, talk about Bam Bam.

You will think she would be more conservative. Fall for someone like her, like a Lolu, but she and her lover boy has taught us that love transcends stereotypical roles. There’s a reason why she has two BB in her name. Don’t think too far. She’s just playing the BB Naija game.


6. The kinda love that is too serious for a game like Big Brother Naija. Leolex – Leo and Alex.

You might want to insert “Gbam” here. Who doesn’t want a love that has direction? The one that includes sentences like “You are the mother of my children” and excludes questions like “Where is this relationship going to?” Oshodi.

Real estate guru and certified business man, Leo has shown interest and affection that supercedes all human and animal understanding for baby girl, Alex with the green hair.

You might want to ask here “What does he see in her?”

I don’t know too but somehow, she’s what the ‘millionaire’ wants and he has hinted one too many times to a fearful Alex with the fragile heart that this isn’t a BBNaija thing. He doesn’t just want her naked in his bed (even though they are always naked in bed). He sees her in his future. Outside the reality show.

Lemme insert this right now. Leo guys are the coolest. You might want to check out the stories behind the zodiac signs. That way, you will surely be on your way to ‘ultimate searching’ your Leo man.


7. The kinda love that’s shameless. Pimple or not. Scratching yansh or not. I love you for you. Gelah – Angel and Ahneeka.

Mehn. Love that has no shame is the best love. This I tell you brethren. I mean, do you know the true meaning of freedom? It comes with having to be afraid of nothing.

And so, if you are the Ahneeka kind of girl with pimples and spots and boils big enough to serve as a small tennis ball, you need not worry about falling in love. There’s a Angel in human form waiting to sweep you off your feet and sing you sweet nothings.

Even though that Angel has a bad habit of scratching his anus and smelling it almost immediately, as long as you don’t feed from his hands, you are safe.

Love should truly be shameless and boastful. Only that Angel is zoned for life!


8. The kind of Love that comes with generational curse manual. Ksquare – K-brule and Khloe.

Well, you know the drill. If their name begins with K, avoid them at all cost. K has been known for a lot of bad bad bad things. Kirikiri. Ketoing. Karma.

Issa jungle out there, love safely.


9. The kinda love that offers you a degree in witchcraft and Mumu button theology. CEEBI – Cee-C and Tobi.

Mehn. Take a deep breath fess. You might want to have a Bible and a bottle of anointing oil with you right now before you also get charmed.

How else can you explain Cee-C’s hold on Tobi? At some point, Dude got disowned by the association of Yoruba demons in Nigeria!

Tobi is your typical Yoruba demon, and so, it was with fear and shock that we accepted that power pass power – and that Cee-C was the protector of the demon realm.

The kind of love they teach you is the one that offers you witchcraft and Mumu button theology. Enough begging. Tight Protection. Too Much Controlling. Plenty Jujuing.

What’s the benefit of having this kinda love? It depicts the historical love is blind slogan. Forgerrit! Even when the flips have switched, and the scales seem to have fallen, we still can’t understand what’s going on between the two of them! This kind love taya person o.


10. The kind of love that blossoms late or never. Rineeka – Rico and Ahneeka.

This love isn’t advisable. You keep on waiting, hoping, dropping hints and sometimes, outrightly shooting your shot but no matter how hard you try, a heart that’s in Sambisa forest can never be in the Garden of Eden.

Everyone knows Ahneeka is afraid of something or a someone. A Rico. Poor Rico with the default meme face has always tried to win Ahneeka over but it just never works.

No amount of funny jokes or superhuman cooking strength can make a girl who’s not interested change her mind.

So when you are shooting your shot, have a spare arrow.


Those are my ten love lessons from Big Brother Naija Season 3 so far, you have more, please feel free to use the comments section. Thank you.


I’m still ACE, Scribbling for GLOWVILLE

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