Yoruba boys

10 tweets that will make you love or hate Yoruba boys this year

Yoruba boys trended so well for long periods of 2015 on twitter. And for those who are twitter geeks, you will agree that Yoruba boys did not trend for the right reasons. Well, it’s 2017 and they still haven’t left the spotlight, especially since the emergence of their elder brothers in the game – the Fuck Boys! We had to go back in time to bring back this piece that was written early last year. You can make up your mind about Yoruba boys after reading.

In the general Nigerian circles of social media, Yoruba boys are believed to be heart breakers. Adorning their white native ‘owambe’ wears and always looking cute and posh; majority of ladies (and guys) from other tribes believe that all those are facades for what really exist in the minds of Yoruba boys. They have been further tagged as ‘Yoruba Demons’ – How they came about that name is not too hard to guess. A number of Yoruba guys have fought against this name as they believe it is bad PR, but with this piece, let’s see if there is hope for this much comically maligned tribe in the 10 tweets we have selected below.

Please note that these tweets were selected around late December 2015. This is a repost.


1. Some of their characteristics for you to ponder…

Yoruba boys


2. Heartbreak squad…LOL

Yoruba boys


3. Can we even defend these Yoruba boys after this?

Yoruba boys


4. Yet some guys need the help of Yoruba boys to stay on top of their flirting game…

Yoruba boys

5. While some ladies think they need to protect themselves against Yoruba boys. Chai.

Yoruba boys


6. This lady (a Yoruba lady for that matter) has an advise for other ladies. 

Yoruba boys

7. If the boys from the South West are to be dumped, are Igbo guys the alternative this year? Really???
Yoruba boys


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8. Just in case, you are sticking up for the guys from the East…see this one here.

Yoruba boys


9. So, if you do not want to be like the person in the tweet above, take this advice seriously.

Yoruba boys


10. Because….


Yoruba boys


It appears that in the end, Yoruba boys always win.

Agree or not, let us know what you think.

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