new ways to commit abortion

10 new ways people commit abortion, but won’t admit!

A lot of us are quick to pounce upon women who have committed abortion, raining vituperation of judgement upon the poor folks who had to go through the trauma. What we probably haven’t realized is that over 90% of us are guilty of the same crime and are not justified to raise our tongues in judgement against them. This is because there are new ways to commit abortion, and after reading this, you should have a change of heart.

Talking about new ways to commit abortion; I didn’t realize it until last week when my Oga and friend, Olumide Lawrence drew my attention to a Facebook update that had become a heated argument between Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choice people in the debate of Abortion. I saw a lot of prejudice being thrown around, some fallacies and dogmas were not missing either. In all, it was really unfair to take over God’s position and pass hurting and damning words on those folks.

So I decided to pen this post by telling the absolute truth, albeit in a light way (as usual), and let everyone know that they are guilty  one way or the other via any one of the new ways to commit abortion.

Now let’s make an inquest into the new ways people commit abortion?

1. 7up, Alabukun and Lime

This one is one of the most used methods, it is also one of the crudest. I don’t know how people figured out this remedy to neutralizing the power of a sperm, but I heard it works. Hmmm, to find out if that claim is true, click here. Some people even add limestone (Yorubas call it ‘koun’) to the mixture, and it is usually taken immediately after unprotected sex. If you have taken this mixture or have given to someone as remedy, you have aborted! Don’t judge others.

2. Postinor

Postinor is regarded as one of the new ways to commit abortion. This one is even more popular even among people who do not use it. I heard it is more trusted than the 7up mixture. You will always find it in the bags and wallets of some guys and ladies. I heard it has side effects, but nothing confirmed yet. You can read very well about Postinor and if it really works for abortion by clicking here. But if you a regular customer of this drug, you are a first class abortion specialist!

3. Masturbation

This group are the most judgmental of the lot. Chai! These ones are the most heartless of them all because they do it without remorse. They see it as pleasure. You see, for every time you ejaculate after masturbation, you have killed the potentials of a sperm to give life, and that is not different from those who have removed a fetus which has a potential to give life. So if you are masturbating, you can also be said to be guilty of the evil of abortion. Stop judging others.

4. Giving Advise

These people are one of the three set of people who love to be absolved of blame, but they are just as guilty as the one who commits it. What advise do you give to your pregnant friend or to your friend whose girlfriend is pregnant? If the first solution that drops from you is abortion, then you are guilty too!

5. Financing

This one is for the boyfriends and men responsible for getting the lady pregnant. When the news is out that a baby is forming and they believe they aren’t ready for it (but they were ready to have unprotected sex), the next thing is to get rid of it and the financier usually has to be the guy (if he is even fair enough to do that). Some other people finance abortions out of pity for the lady carrying the baby, some others do it to help her cover the shame, some people even give the money without knowing what it is meant for (they can’t be totally blamed). Long and short of it is that if you have given money with the knowledge that it is to be used to commit abortion, you have also committed it.

6. Accompanying

Hardly will a lady go to the hospital alone to abort her baby, there is always an escort or two. These escorts are also one of those who are quick to absolve themselves of blame and they are the ones that can give an accurate history of how many babies their friends have aborted. If you are one of such people, you are also guilty of the heinous act!

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7. Leaving them with no better choice.

This one is also rampant among the guys who are the ‘fathers’ of the ‘unfortunate’ baby to be killed. A lot of these guys are just callous; they either perfect their art of disappearing after the news, or blatantly refusing to take responsibility. The lady is then left with no choice than to abort the baby to save herself the shame and stress. Except in cases where the baby threatens the life of a mother fatally, if you ever left anyone with no better choice than committing abortion, you are a kingpin!

8. Inducing yourself to having miscarriage.

This is common among married people mostly when there is a pregnancy the couple did not intend to happen. As an alternative to abortion, some women begin to go through some forced stress and hard labour just to have a miscarriage. I hear some men even resort to violence upon their wives to make them lose the baby. If you have ever succeeded in doing this, you have also joined the team of abortionists.

9. Doing the withdrawal method.

Most men are guilty of this one even though they will never admit. It is a higher level of masturbation. I remember that a man in the Bible did it and he died. Hmmm, guys who engage in this should know that it is a precious waste of seeds and invariably an act of abortion. Before God kills you himself, stop doing that thing!

10. Using condoms.

OK…err. This might cause a stir. But I cannot but categorize this with masturbation and ‘withdrawal’. The simple question is; where do you throw the condom after use? You probably flush it down the toilet and the precious seeds come to waste. It means you have wasted life!!! You are a murderer too!

No one is a saint really. A very high percentage of us have committed at least two of these ten new ways to commit abortion. The moral is to stop judging others, and stop committing the act.

Abstinence remains key, if you do not want a baby or want to be liable for murder of an innocent soul.

What is good for the goose is also good for the gander; if you can’t kill a baby, don’t kill a seed that will become a baby.



I remain SILICON.

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  1. You are the DUMBEST kid alive literally! Who says shit like this? How old are you? You reason like a FOOL. I could agree with u for number one and two,financing,accompanying but the rest? Were u dropped on the head as a child? U stupid ass

  2. You are the DUMBEST kid alive literally! Who says shit like this? How old are you? You reason like a FOOL. I could agree with u for number one and two,financing,accompanying but the rest? Were u dropped on the head as a child? U stupid ass 234 806 856 7193

  3. You can’t say its murder bcus the baby hasn’t been formed,if eventually d sperm as been poured inside of u if its up to a month or two and u get rid of it,its called murder,but if its just 10-14days its still blood so u are letting go of unwanted blood

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