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10 First Date Deal Breakers For Ladies

Sometimes even the cutest lady does not manage to attract a man during their first meeting. How is it even possible? Well, indeed, no woman is perfect. And just like ladies, men have their first date turnoff – certain actions and sayings that repel them. We do hope that you have never been in any of these situations, but most ladies actually have. That’s why we have gathered a list of 10 first date deal breakers. Learn them and you will never feel embarrassed on your first meeting again!

Don’t talk about your ex.

It’s only you and your prospective boyfriend here – and nobody else. By mentioning your ex-lover, you create an abstract comparison and, therefore, an unnecessary competition. You will just irritate your interlocutor, which drastically decreases the chances of success (and just imagine how pissed off you would feel if someone was here and then mentioning his ex-girlfriend).

Do not lose your femininity.

Modern men know that girls nowadays are nothing like they were before. Several sexual revolutions and feministic movements have irreversibly changed the way that girls think and act. Nevertheless, it does not mean you should give up being overly feminine. Heterosexual couples usually consist of mannish men and feminine girls.

Don’t overdo your looks.

In addition to the previous paragraph, you should not apply too much makeup and overdo the glam in general. It looks truly unnatural. Of course, guys don’t look forward to seeing you absolutely without makeup. But a natural look seems to be much more confident.

Don’t make a buzz around paying for the bill.

If a guy wants to pay for the entire dinner – let him do it, he’s just acting gallantly (yes, chivalry is not dead!); if he offers to go Dutch – he’s trying not to act like a sexist.

Why not compliment your potential boyfriend?

Men have nothing against it. If you are acting like his looks and doings mean absolutely nothing to you – he will feel awkward and out-of-place. Give him a chance to understand that you like what’s going on right now.

Sex is the enemy of the first date.

Well, given that you do not just look for hanging out and random sexual partners. If you have sex right after the first meeting – it somewhat ruins your reputation. Such girls rarely become faithful and loving girlfriends. And even if they want to, men usually reject that afterward.

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Do not burden him with excessive responsibility.

For instance, it will be much simpler to plan a proper meeting if you specify what kind of activity falls into the list of your interests. Otherwise, you risk visiting a place you weren’t expecting to. And it will be your fault, without doubts.

Don’t apply dishonesty.

If you do not like his jokes – no laughing. If you weren’t satisfied with how your first date went – don’t agree to a second date. Men are just as smart as women are; your dishonesty will be swiftly unmasked. Imagine how humiliating it is for both you and your prospective partner.

Don’t take any third wheels with you.

Someone like a sister or a friend of yours can ruin the impression. Why would you agree to come if you do not feel confident? Are you afraid of him? Are you too young to go one a date alone? Any of the aforementioned reasons work against you.

Don’t force him to talk.

Most of the guys are good listeners (or they act like good listeners, we don’t know). But they need some time to know you better and, therefore, figure out what to tell. If you see that a guy is a little bit shy – give him a chance to release himself later on. By forcing him, you may mutilate him in his own eyes.

Have you had any peculiar experience in the past which has not been captured in this list? Do you know other first date deal breakers that will be useful? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below. 

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