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plan a small wedding - planning a small wedding

How to successfully plan a small wedding

Wedding is a big deal, that’s the truth. But being a big deal doesn’t necessarily ...

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Pre-Wedding Photos

Pre-Wedding Pictures that will either make you laugh or cry

There is a very high chance that you clicked this link to see the Pre-Wedding ...

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People you should NEVER invite to your wedding

People you should NEVER invite to your wedding

There are some people who are invited to weddings that never should have been. I ...

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Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding Flower ideas that fit every bride, and for every season

Can you separate a wedding and flowers? I bet you already know the answer to ...

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Marriage Lens

Rhesus Factor and pregnancy

How your Rhesus Factor can affect your pregnancy and cause miscarriage

Before we delve deep into Rhesus Factor, let me first share this excerpt from a ...

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marriage is an achievement

SOCIAL DEBATE: Is Marriage Really An Achievement?

For over a week, there has been a debate on Facebook centered on whether marriage ...

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important qualities of a good wife

10 qualities a wife MUST possess to succeed in marriage

Being a good wife is not just about your love for your husband, it takes ...

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Before getting married

Things you need to know before getting married

Marriage is a journey, not a destination. It is the beginning of a new phase, ...

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