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Wedding Bells

Pre-Wedding Photos

Pre-Wedding Pictures that will either make you laugh or cry

There is a very high chance that you clicked this link to see the Pre-Wedding ...

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People you should NEVER invite to your wedding

People you should NEVER invite to your wedding

There are some people who are invited to weddings that never should have been. I ...

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Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding Flower ideas that fit every bride, and for every season

Can you separate a wedding and flowers? I bet you already know the answer to ...

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mistakes grooms make

Biggest mistakes grooms make in their weddings

Wedding is important for the bride as much as it is for the groom, but ...

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Marriage Lens

marriage is an achievement

SOCIAL DEBATE: Is Marriage Really An Achievement?

For over a week, there has been a debate on Facebook centered on whether marriage ...

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important qualities of a good wife

10 qualities a wife MUST possess to succeed in marriage

Being a good wife is not just about your love for your husband, it takes ...

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Before getting married

Things you need to know before getting married

Marriage is a journey, not a destination. It is the beginning of a new phase, ...

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Ready for marriage

When are you truly READY for marriage?

Here comes the  big question I want every youth to consider: At What Point Are ...

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