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GlowVille Weddings: Celebrating #FolaFemi2016

#FolaFemi2016 Love isn’t the gifts you buy me, it’s not a crush or just a ...

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celebrity wedding gowns

21 Celebrity Wedding Gowns that will WOW you!

It’s another Saturday, yaaaay! Several couples are getting married today across the world, and we ...

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How to prepare for your DREAM wedding

3 important things before planning your ‘dream wedding’

So he finally popped the big question. Of course, you replied with the big YES. ...

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bachelorette party

What a Bachelorette party really means for the bride

The TRUE meaning of the bachelorette party is for the bride to be to go ...

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Marriage Lens

kitchen tips

20 Kitchen tips every wife should know

Today, we are looking at quick kitchen tips that will make a wife stand out ...

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reasons married people cheat

7 avoidable reasons married people cheat

Cheating is beyond a debate in our world of today, it has become almost accepted ...

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overworked wife

An open letter to the man with an overworked wife

This is more than a letter; it is a call to action, to reawaken the ...

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ways sex can become dangerous to your marriage

7 ways Sex can become dangerous to your marriage

The importance of sex has been stressed too many times in marriage counselling that many ...

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