Lovers Stories

punchline that made me fall for him

The PUNCHLINE that made me fall flat for him

It’s another beautiful Thursday and I am currently looking for a Pick up line tutor ...

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interracial marriage

How I beat all odds to marry an American Christian, despite being a Muslim

When I was growing up with my parents in Osogbo, if you had told me ...

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our first date was set up by my friends

My friends set up our first date, and it was our ticket to falling in love.

Meeting my soulmate is something I will forever be grateful to my friends for; I ...

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I didn’t like Ibadan but I found love in the city

This one will surely make all my Ibadan folks giggle. In very recent times, the ...

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Break Up Stories

Sad breakup stories for guys |

15 brave guys share their sad breakup stories.

Last month, a friend asked me, after reading one of the breakup stories I shared ...

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He broke up with me several months before I found out.

He broke up with me several months before I found out!

How do you contain yourself when the one you think you are with suddenly tells ...

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alcohol habits

How Rotimi’s Alcohol habits almost got me killed

Whether you are trying to get into a relationship or already in one. There are ...

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Malaysian Lover

Why my GF dumped me for her Malaysian Lover

It’s that time of the year when Malaysian guys are touted to always return to ...

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