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Wedding Bells

Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding Flower ideas that fit every bride, and for every season

Can you separate a wedding and flowers? I bet you already know the answer to ...

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mistakes grooms make

Biggest mistakes grooms make in their weddings

Wedding is important for the bride as much as it is for the groom, but ...

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origin of bridal showers

Origin of bridal showers

Bridal shower is a common event (or custom) that usually precedes the wedding. A lot ...

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wedding colours

Wedding colours and their meanings

Today, I decided to write about wedding colours. I see a lot of colours flying ...

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Marriage Lens

genotype and blood group compatibility

What you must know about Genotype and Blood Group compatibility

There has been a lot of focus on this topic in recent times, and it ...

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Kitchen marriage happiness

“How the kitchen has contributed to happiness in my marriage”

A lot of people today set down standard rules for their prospective spouse even before ...

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asking your husband to help with house chores

Asking your husband to help with house chores.

Should asking your husband to help with house chores really be a big deal? Afterall, ...

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Marriage Advice for New Couples

20 Highly Important Marriage Advice for New Couples

Now you are married. The long wait is over, and all you ever wanted – ...

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